20 Best Battle Royale Games You Must Play

The battle royale genre has taken over the gaming industry by a storm. If you aren’t playing a battle royale game right now then you are missing out on a lot of amazing gameplay and action. I love the social expect of battle royale genre. I come for the action and stay for the social experience. Well, if you are even slightly interested in trying out a battle royale game then we’ve got you covered. We bring you 14 of the best and most amazing Battle Royale games that you can play in 2020.

Best Battle Royal Games You Can Play in 2020


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a.k.a PUBG is the undisputed champion of the battle royale genre. This is not the first battle royale game, however, it did introduce the Battle Royale genre on a larger scale than any other game or mod. PUBG is currently the best and the most played battle royale game out there. The game focuses on a large scale survival gameplay where everyone is on their own. You can form alliances with your friends or other people and gather loot together, but there is no telling when someone will shoot you in the back and take everything you have.

20 Best Battle Royale Games You Must Play

This game is all about staying safe, collecting weapons, finding shelter, and killing everyone who approaches you. The ability to play against hundreds of players make it one of the most interesting games out there. If you are looking for a great battle royale game then PUBG definitely is the top choice right now. There are many games like PUBG on the market now, but it delivers top-notch gaming experience and still remains at the top.

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2. Fortnite

Fortnite is trying to revamp the entire battle royale genre with its amazing gameplay. This game is quite colorful and vibrant and gives off an Overwatch like feel. You get to go up against around 100 players in an all-out deathmatch where only the strong may survive. It’s available on both consoles and PC platforms making it one of the best battle royale games in terms of universal compatibility. You can even play it even on your Android and iOS smartphone. The developers are pushing out constant updates and adding new game modes at a fast pace. If you want a fast-paced, vibrant, and epic battle royale gameplay then Fortnite is the perfect game for you. Just give it a try and you will find it way better than many of its rivals.

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3. Call of Duty: Warzone

If there is a battle royale game that can take away the crown from PUBG, it has to be none than Call of Duty: Warzone. What puts this game ahead of the curve is the ability to let 150 players from around the world indulge in a nerve-wracking battle. And the one that succeeds in destroying all other players in a deathmatch turns out to be the last man standing. Another notable feature of CoD is the huge map which ensures you always have a lot to explore.

In terms of graphics, Call of Duty: Warzone is at par with the best in the business – if not the absolute best. The latest iteration of the battle royale game has come up with some exciting modes like quads in warzone and lets you unlock weapon blueprints, XP token, operator skins, and more. Do note that you will need to get the battle pass to have access to hundreds of exclusive goodies. Everything considered; Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the best battle royale games that you can play right now.

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4. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the sort of battle royale game that you will love to go after time and time again – tirelessly. In this free to play battle royale game, you can team up with your friends or other players from around the world to fight against rivals. One of the highlights of this game is a special library of legendary characters each with a unique personality and charismatic power. You can use those unique characters smartly to decimate rivals and be the last man standing in the thrilling 60-player matches. 

Keep in mind, Apex Legends requires you to hatch a killer strategy to take control of the intense gunplay, which is probably the best in any battle royale game. As for graphics and customization, Apex Legends has looked up to the task to me. Available on multiple platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One, it deserves a chance to impress your deathmatch fantasy!

Download: (Free to play)

5. Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

While Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter may not have set the gaming universe on fire like PUBG or Fortnite, it’s got all sorts of ingredients to be a notable pick. First and foremost, the game pits up to 52 players in a PvP battle royale mode. Second, the gameplay is quite thrilling as players have to scavenge for weapons, nukes, and supplies to stay ahead of the battle.

And third, it also lives up to the billing when it comes to customization, allowing you to make your character look stand out in the crowd. That’s not all, Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter also lets you capture coveted rewards so that you can unlock several goodies. And when the time comes to get a much-needed edge over rivals, you can make the most out of your hard-earned goodies to strengthen your arsenal. Long story short, try out Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter and I bet you will enjoy having a go at your enemies!

Download: (Free to play)


If high-octane gunplay is on the top of your mind, BATTLEFIELD V: FIRESTORM is what you should go for. This new-age battle royale game pits up to 64 players in a heart-wrenching deathmatch. As there are no second chances for survival, players have to go their all out to survive the deadly battle and also find a way to eliminate rivals. Based on your choice, you can go solo or join hands with the top players to dominate the battle royale game.

But be warned not to take the deadly battlefield map for granted as your enemies’ cunning plans may be lying in wait for you. And if you fail to read their crafty strategies, you will not only lose the battle but also be robbed off. But bother not, the ever-growing arsenal of weapons can keep you in the hunt. Plus, there are 17 types of vehicles including the powerful tanks, destructive cannons, robust tractor, and prototype helicopter to help you wreak havoc in the rivals’ camp. Yeah, the risk is quite high, but with the high risk comes a ton of awesome rewards that will keep your adrenaline going.

Download: ($30 for the standard edition and $40 for the deluxe edition)

7. FORZA Horizon 4: The Eliminator

For those longing for action-packed battle royale game wrapped in a wicked fast car racing style, FORZA Horizon 4 is by far the best bet. The car racing game allows up to 72 players to lock horns in a battle royale game where the one who succeeds in winning the battle of brutal speed takes away the crown. What puts Horizon 4 a cut above the rest is a massive library of 450 cars. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of supercars drive your fantasy, chances are pretty high that your penchant for lightning-fast driving will always have something out of the box to try out.

Beyond cars, FORZA HORIZON 4 boasts one of the finest graphics. Couple that with the amazing scenery and it promises to be a very addictive racing game. Need some inspiration to up your game? Well, you can join the huge community of car lovers to share your thoughts about cars. Moreover, you can also discover some super handy driving tips that can help you amp up your skill.

Download: ($59.99 for the standard edition)

8. CS: GO – Danger Zone

A fast-paced battle royale game like CS: Go – Danger Zone deserves a shot in this lineup. And rightly so as it’s got probably the best tactical gameplay where you will have to use your brain as effectively as your weapons. Though the game lets you fight with just up to 18 players in a match, the battle is as intense as it can ever get. And the only rule that can enable you to be the last one standing is to kill your rivals by hook or by crook. So, drop into the black site smartly by choosing a safe entry point and then unravel all of its secrets so that you can attack your enemies without being caught in their trap.

Along the way, discover all the essential pieces of equipment to strengthen your arsenal and also keep an eye on the skies for special deliveries. Not just that, CS: Go – Danger Zone also keeps you busy with many special missions that can help you earn a ton of goodies. One of my favorite features of this exciting battle royale game is that it offers a set of pistols, SMGs, rifles, and robust weapons with every match. As someone who always loves to have a range of weapons in the armory, I find this feature quite appreciable.

Download: (Free to play)

9. Cuisine Royale

As a multiplayer last-man-standing shooter, Cuisine Royale is bang on target! With realistic looking weapons, shocking traps, and engaging gameplay where the fight-to-finish is the only way for survival, the game has never failed to impress me. And I bet your story won’t be different from mine. Every time I bump into a shooter game, the one thing I want to have in abundance is a collection of weapons and the freedom to use them at will. Having tried out this game, I must say that it’s got one of the finest rosters of weapons.

Another feature that’s caught my eyes in this battle royale game is a smart selection of daily tasks that kind of never let boredom creep into the gameplay. When you complete those tasks, you get a chance to receive plenty of royale bucks that can hold you in good stead in the battle of supremacy. On top of all, Cuisine Royale also offers you an opportunity to showcase your creativity by allowing you to create unique styles that can earn you additional tactical bonuses. In a nutshell, Cuisine Royale is an adrenaline-pumping battle royale game that can live up to your wish of infinite shooting.

Download: (Free to play)

10. DayZ: Battle Royale

DayZ’s Battle Royale is the mod that actually started the whole genre alongside a few Hunger Game mods for Minecraft. These mods actually pioneered the whole battle royale genre and today you have multiple options for battle royale games. DayZ: Battle Royale is a great mod and you get to pretty much experience the Walking Dead in it. All players spawn on an isolated island that’s swarming with zombies. You are supposed to find necessities in the area and survive any oncoming zombie attacks. Apart from that, you must also be wary of other players because you never know who might kill you. If you are looking for a classic battle royale game then this is the perfect one for you.

Download ($34.99)

11. H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill also offers a battle royale mode that lets you face off against other players on a large map. It’s a third-person shooter where you get to experience similar battle royale elements as some other games from the genre. You spawn randomly on a large map that has a slowly shrinking active area. You must run around collecting weapons and other stuff to defend yourself. However, the best thing is the crafting feature that lets you craft useful stuff like healing items and more by collecting different items from around the map.

The battle royale mode is quite exciting and offers an immersive gameplay experience. Apart from that, you can also enjoy standard multiplayer deathmatch, shall you become bored of the battle royale mode.

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12. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned: Arena Mode is another survival/battle royale game that’s a lot of fun. The graphics do resemble Minecraft style, but in reality, it’s a great game that provides similar battle royales experience as any other game in the genre. This game offers a great arena mode where all the players can gather resources, craft weapons, and try to survive against a continuous zombie onslaught. The arena mode lets all players spawn at random points in a large arena where all of these players must try to kill one another. The last man/woman standing will be crowned the arena winner. The graphics are obviously a bit childish but the gameplay is quite exciting and fun. If you want a more lighthearted battle royale experience then try out Unturned.

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13. Rust: Battle Royale

Rust is definitely still one of the strongest and most played survival multiplayer games out there. It has been going strong for a very long time now. Also, there are quite a handful of “Unofficial” servers for the game that run the battle royale mod. In this mode, you can experience the battle royale gameplay and have fun alongside other people from around the world.

The game will start you off with just a rock as a weapon and you will be completely naked. You must run around naked trying to find some clothing and better weapons to defend yourselves from others. It’s all about exploring the map and finding useful items to gain an advantage. You can also team-up with other players to form a kill party but be wary because even your allies can kill you at any time.

Download ($19.99)

14. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is set in a prehistoric setting with a bucket load of dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters. This is a survival game where you must defend yourself against all of these ancient beasts while looking for items, food, and shelter on a vast and beautiful map. However, after a plethora of battle royale games and the huge success of the genre, Ark also introduced a new mode known as Survival of the fittest. This mode is basically a battle royale mode where you are pitted against around 70 other people.

Everyone must roam around the map, gather weapons, items, and kill everyone that comes in their way. Only the fit may survive and you must also fight against dinosaurs. Best thing is you can actually tame these beasts and use them against other players in dino-wars.

Download ($49.99)

15. Arma 3: Battle Royale

Arma 3 is a popular military sandbox game where you get to experience epic military strategies and tactics on the battlefield. However, Arma 3 has a great mod known as “PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale”. Yes, it’s actually created by PlayerUnknown the same developer that has released the massively popular PUBG. This mod was actually the inspiration for releasing their own standalone battle royale game down the line. In this mod, you only get one chance to win. You must roam around trying to find better weapons and emerge victorious in the end. This mod was inspired by the movie “Battle Royale” that had the same concept. If you want to experience how the whole battle royale genre became big then this game is a must try.

Download ($29.99)

16. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is still under development, however, the game is in the closed alpha stage so you can start playing with a bit of luck. The developers constantly give out alpha keys to people via giveaways and other promotions. Islands of Nyne is a completely new take on the battle royale genre and looks very beautiful. It’s a fast-paced battle royale game that’s directly inspired by similar movies.

It’s a very competitive game that tracks all your stats and gives you all the ranking to see how you fare against other players. The game incorporates some futuristic tech that lets you perform gravity-defying jumps and maneuvers to make it even more exciting. If you want a battle royale first-person shooter that requires some real skill then islands of Nyne is the game to look out for.

Download: (Free to play)

17. Minecraft Hunger Games

If you are not content with Unturned’s Minecraft-like graphics then don’t worry because you can also play amazing battle royale modes in your favorite Minecraft game as well. If you are more of a fan of survival instead of going around killing a bunch of people then you will love Minecraft’s Hunger games mods. You still get to kill all the people around you, but the real focus is to survive. You must try to scour for weapons and other items around the map. Gather resources to build a defense for yourself and then try to engage your enemies in battles. Only the fittest may survive in this amazing battle royale mod for Minecraft. There are numerous Hunger Games servers available for Minecraft that you can enjoy.

Servers: (Free)

18. Last Man Standing

The name says it all. Last Man Standing is about, well, the last man standing. You get to go up against a  bunch of other people in a survival of the fittest contest. You must go around the vast map hunting for the best gear for your character, the best weapons, and you must take on foes coming for you from every side of the map.

Experience a fast-paced deathmatch where everyone is out to get you. You are on your own so make each bullet count. You get to duke it out against around 100 other players and only things that will give you an upper-hand are powerful weapons scattered around the map. So, just get ready to jump right into the action and kill everyone and everything that moves in this adrenaline-pumping game.

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19. Infestation: The New Z

Infestation: The New Z is all about survival in a zombie-infested world. However, the game offers a great multiplayer battle royale game where you can actually have some fun along with your friends. You can form a clan in the open-world and roam around gathering resources while showing your dominance over territories. Engage in turf wars against other clans, and wipe them off of existence.

This amazing game offers a great shooter experience mixed with the right amount of battle royale elements. If you want you can even go solo and try to survive in the infested world alone but it’s way better with a bunch of friends. You must also try to avoid or kill any zombies because they will kill you otherwise and the game is all about surviving.

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20. GTA V: Smuggler’s Run

GTA V is one of the best open-world games you will ever play. It gets constant updates and new content every now and then. One of the recent and most fun modes added to GTA V is the Smuggler’s Run mode. In this mode, you can enjoy Motor Wars. This mode is quite similar to battle royale games. You are dropped off on a vast map as a team. Four teams randomly parachute down at random points and then the fun begins. The area will start shrinking slowly and all teams will face off against each other, so you must start preparing for the coming battle and take out your enemies carefully. This requires some coordinated team play and provides amazing gameplay experience for each player. If you are already a GTA player then this mode is all you need to quench your thirst for battle royale games.

Download ($49.99)

The Best Battle Royale Games You Can Play

So, you find battle royale games interesting, right? Well, now you have no excuses to not play one. We have given you some of the best battle royale games available out there. If you think we’ve missed one of your favorite games, mods, or anything then feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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