Apple To Build New 133-Acre Austin Campus With $1 Billion Investment

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Apple’s spaceship campus, formally known as Apple Park, in Cupertino is well-known to be the company’s headquarters but is now looking to expand its presence across the U.S. The company has today announced that it will build a new campus in North Austin to house research, engineering, and customer support personnel.

The Cupertino giant, in an official press statement, said that it will pump a whopping $1 billion into the development of its new 133-acre campus, which is said to be located only a mile down the road from its current office in the city.

Apple’s Austin office is already employing 6,200 people but the new office will generate an additional 5,000 jobs in multiple roles, to begin with, but with the potential to add another 10,000 jobs in the coming years. This is expected to make Apple the single largest private employes in the area, with the Austin campus being its biggest one outside of Cupertino.

Apple To Build New 133-Acre Austin Campus With $1 Billion Investment

The construction of the North Austin campus will be in line with Apple’s standards, which means there will be ample preserved open space (about 50 acres in this case) and all the workplaces will be backed by 100 percent renewable energy, which has now become the norm for Apple facilities across the globe.

This expansion appears to be part of the company’s commitment to creating jobs across the US, with regards to President Trump’s wishes. In an official press statement, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that talent, creativity, and ideas are not limited by zip codes, only to further talk about Austin saying,

“Apple is proud to bring new investment, jobs, and opportunity to cities across the United States and to significantly deepen our quarter-century partnership with the city and people of Austin”

Further, Apple today also revealed its intention to build new offices in Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City that will house around 1,000 employees in each. It even plans to expand across Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colorado in the coming three years, creating an enormous number of jobs.

Apple has also talked about a $10 billion investment in data centers across the U.S in the next five years, including $4.5 billion this year in North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada. So, Apple is certainly going all in with its expansion in its home country, on track to create a whopping 20,000 more jobs in the next five years

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