Apple could bundle Airpods with next iphone

Apple Could Bundle AirPods with iPhones Next Year

Apple could bundle Airpods with next iphone

Apple has reportedly set a high bar for its 2020 iPhone shipments. While we believe it’s in part due to the rumored new design and 5G support, it seems like there might be another reason for it. A report in Taiwanese publication DigiTimes suggests that Apple is looking to bundle AirPods with the next iPhone in 2020.

As per unnamed industry sources, multiple phone makers including the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple “are looking to bundle their new models with TWS earbuds next year.” TWS, for those unaware, refers to truly wireless stereo and it’s the newest and probably the hottest category of earbuds at the moment.

Cupertino bundling one of its most popular accessories with the iPhones in 2020 seems a little too far-fetched. And it’s not just the popularity. AirPods are not the most affordable. The previous-gen standard variant, not the Pro one, starts at $159 at the moment and it doesn’t support an in-ear design, noise cancellation, and more.

Though we suggest you take this report with mounds of salt (not just a grain), Apple will most likely bundle the standard AirPods with the 2020 iPhone lineup if it further wants to commit to that headphone jack or dongle-free life. However, it most likely won’t because both AirPods and AirPods Pro are selling like hotcakes. They are in such high demand that production has reportedly been doubled to meet the demand.

So, it’s highly unlikely that Apple will bundle AirPods with next year’s iPhones. As for the iPhones themselves, they are expected to feature a somewhat new design with a smaller notch and mmWave 5G support. The 2020 iPhones will be in line with the times and help further the growth as well as adoption of 5G connectivity across the globe. So, are you excited for next year’s iPhones? Tell us your expectations in the comments below.

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