Pinnit feat.

This App Keeps To-Dos in Notification Center Until You’re Done With Them

Pinnit feat.

Are you that guy who sets a reminder to pay the internet bill on a smartphone and dismiss it when it pops up in your notification bar and eventually scream when they cut off the internet for not paying the bill? No? Only me? Well, then Pinnit is the right app for me then, and maybe for you too for being extra cautious…maybe?

Anyway, Pinnit is an app that gives persistent reminder alerts for a task that you have set in the app. The app is pretty easy to use, like any other to-do app. Just note down your tasks and pin it on your notifications panel and that will remain until you finish the task.

Pinnit 1 (1)

Now, unlike other to-dos or reminder apps that gives the option to dismiss an alert right after the task is finished, Pinnit cleverly hides the dismiss button in the notifications panel. It won’t reveal it until you pull down your notification to expand it. So, how often we do that, really?

The app is developed by an India-based Android app developer, Sashikanth Miriyampalli. He got the idea of persistent notifications from his Brazilian friend who is a designer, Eduardo Pratti. After the light bulb moment, the duo collaborated to create the app.

Although, Pinnit is currently in its early stages, the developers are planning to add a ton of new features on which they are currently working. These include creating tasks from texts from other apps, tracking tasks, filtering and full support for notification history.

Now, the app is available on the Play Store for free and the duo plans to keep it that way forever.

You can check out the app from right here.

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