[UPDATE: Delayed] Apex Legends Mobile Will Launch in These 10 Countries Next Week

Apex Legends Mobile Limited Regional Launch

After announcing the imminent soft launch for its much-awaited Apex Legends Mobile earlier this month, Respawn has now shared more details regarding the rollout of its battle royale mobile game. During this regional launch phase, the game will be available to play on iOS and Android devices with limited in-game features and content for players in 10 specified regions. Check out the details right here!

Apex Legends Mobile “Limited Regional Launch” Announced

Respawn recently shared an official blog post along with an informative FAQ to explain the details around the launch of its upcoming Apex Legends Mobile title. The company has been testing it for quite a long time now and even introduced an initial closed beta that went live in India and the Philippines earlier last year.

Now, the company will release the game on iOS and Android in 10 countries, including Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The “limited regional launch” of the title will start next week and continue throughout the Spring of this year. One thing to note is that this phase of the game isn’t available in India.

During the testing phase, players in the soft launch countries will be able to download and play the game on supported mobile devices with limited features, though. The company also highlights that iOS devices with less than 2GB of RAM and Android devices with less than 3GB of RAM will not support the limited regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile.

It is also revealed that smartphones from OEMs like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and more will be compatible with the game. You can check out the minimum requirements to run the game on Android and iOS from right here.

Apex Legends Mobile will be available via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store at launch. Respawn warns that players should not sideload it from any third-party store. Furthermore, it mentioned that Apex Legends Mobile is specifically designed for mobile devices and cross-platform support will be unavailable.

Players in the aforementioned countries can now pre-register for the limited regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile. The company will share more information about its global release once the limited regional launch phase ends. Until then, you can check out our round-up story on Apex Legends Mobile to get more information or check out howto pre-register for the title from anywhere in the world. So stay tuned for further updates.

Update 1 (01/03/2022 12:00 am)

The Limited Regional launch for Apex Legends Mobile was supposed to happen on February 28, but Respawn Entertainment has posted an update to its official blog post. The release of this battle royale mobile game has been delayed by a week and Apex Legends Mobile will now launch on March 7 in 10 countries initially.

You can read all the details in our dedicated article on Apex Legends Mobile launch delayed via the attached link right here.

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