List of Trackers Compatible with Android’s New Find My Device Network

In Short
  • Android's new Find My experience is rolling out and now works with third-party supported trackers.
  • Pebblebee and Chipolo are leading the front with the release of their new supported trackers.
  • Eufy and India's Jio will soon be launching trackers with Android's Find My network support.

After much wait, Google finally launched its new and improved Find My Device network. While the Find My Device network was already equipped with the ability to find supported phones even when it’s switched off. Now, it allows you to track your supported devices more precisely like Apple’s Find My network. If you want to start using Find My Device and buy trackers that support this experience from the get-go, here is a list of trackers that work with Android’s new Find My Device network.

List of Android Find My-Supported Trackers So Far

Here’s a list of all the devices that support Android’s new Find My Device network, as per the official website. We have also mentioned the devices that will join the network soon. We hope at least one of the upcoming trackers features UWB support because the current Android tracker situation looks a bit meh.

  • Pebblebee Clip
  • Pebblebee Card
  • Pebblebee Tag
  • Chipolo ONE Point
  • Chipolo CARD Point
  • JioTag Go (Coming Soon)
  • Eufy SmartTrack Link for Android (Coming soon)
  • Eufy SmartTrack Card for Android (Coming Soon)

1. Pebblebee Clip, Card, and Tag

Pebblebee has three products in its portfolio — the Clip, Card, and Tag. The Clip is the smallest tracker in the portfolio and comes with a bright LED, a loud buzzer, and a battery that can last for up to 12 months on a single charge. The battery is rechargeable, which is excellent. The Clip can go with things such as keys or other small objects that are hard to find once misplaced.

Pebblebee Tag
Image Courtesy: Pebblebee

The Card is pretty self-explanatory. It’s slim and can easily slide into your wallet. Pebblebee claims 18 months of battery backup out of the rechargeable battery inside, and it also includes a bright LED and a loud buzzer. It costs €29 per piece, €52 for a pack of two, and €94 for a pack of four.

The Pebblebee Tag is much more pocketable and can stick to surfaces via its built-in magnets. The company claims 8 months of battery life and it comes with a bright LED and a strong buzzer. All the trackers are IPX6-rated for splash protection. Both the Tag and Card cost €33 per piece, €61 for a two-pack, and €113 for a four-pack.

Pebblebee Card and tile - find my device trackers
Image Courtesy: Pebblebee

These trackers have a Bluetooth range of 300ft but unfortunately lack Ultra wideband support, and that makes Apple’s AirTag simply better. Right now, none of the trackers available to pre-order have UWB support so here’s to hoping the upcoming tags bring the same.

2. Chipolo One Point and Card Point

The long-awaited Chipolo trackers are now open for pre-orders and start shipping in May. It has two offerings, the Chipolo One Point and One Card. Chipolo’s One Point is a small tag whereas the Card Point has a slimmer card-like form factor to fit into wallets.

Chipolo One Point and Card Point - find my device trackers
Image Courtesy: Chipolo

However, the One Point has a replaceable CR2032 battery. Whereas the Card Point’s battery is irreplaceable and can last for only two years. Chipolo does offer you to return your old Card Point in two years and gives you 50% off of your next Card Point purchase.

Chipolo One Point costs €34. A bundle of four will cost you €100 and comes with free shipping. The Card Point costs €39, with the two-pack and four-pack coming at €66 and €125 with free shipping.

List of Wearables Supported by Android’s Find My Network

Pixel Watch Trackable

Android’s Find My network currently rolling out to all users can also help you find supported audio devices but there are only three devices supported right now — Sony WH-1000XM5, JBL Tune Pro 2, and JBL Tour One M2. Support for Pixel Buds Pro and other supported devices could be added with future firmware updates, so stay tuned.

Besides the official website also features Pixel Watch in the “Findables” section so support for the same is hopefully coming soon. What are your thoughts on Android’s new Find My network? Let us know in the comments below.

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