Airtel Launches ‘Secure Internet’ to Safeguard Xstream Fiber Users Online

Airtel Launches Internet Security Plan Called “Secure Internet”

As the ongoing pandemic has forced us indoors, Airtel has been offering various value benefits to its customers to stay connected to each other. We recently saw the telco launch its all-in-one “Airtel Black” service in India. Now, the company has released a dedicated internet security service dubbed “Secure Internet” for the customers.

Airtel Secure Internet Launched: What Is It?

Secure Internet is essentially an add-on service that aims to protect users online. It will track and block malicious websites and online activities that might put users at risk. It also includes various modes to block specific websites to protect children.

Airtel says that India, as per a CERT-in report, experienced a 300 percent increase in cyberattacks last year. The company claims that more than 59 percent of India’s adults have been a victim of cybercrime in the past 12 months.

Citing these issues, Airtel’s Chief Marketing Officer Shashwat Sharma said the company is “obsessed” with making the digital experiences of its customers safe and secure. So, the company will leverage its network security tools to secure all devices that are connected to an Airtel Xstream Fiber connection through Wi-Fi. The Secure Internet service will also block high-risk websites and apps in real-time to prevent malicious attacks on users.

Airtel Secure Internet

Adults can take advantage of different security modes such as a Child Safe mode or Study Mode to prevent their kids from accessing certain websites.

“Work and children’s studies have all gone online with the pandemic. Along with the speed and reliability of broadband, security is now a key requirement for customers. Secure Internet is an easy to activate and highly effective solution for making the internet, safer for our customers,” said Sharma in a press release.

Users can activate the Secure Internet service via the Airtel Thanks app on Android or iOS. It comes as a monthly subscription of Rs 99, which will be added to the cumulative monthly bill of the customers. Existing users will get a one-month free trial to experience the Secure Internet service.

If you have any queries or want to learn more about the new service, you can head to the official FAQ section of Secure Internet on Airtel’s official website.

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