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This AI Tells You How Well Can You Fake An American or British Accent

america britain feature

They say you learn about different cultures by travelling and experiencing life there. But if you don’t have to live in the US or UK to tell the accents of Americans and the British apart.

One can do so easily by watching enough TV shows, movies, or YouTube videos and, with decent practice, can also imitate them. But “how well?” is the subjective question to which a newly developed AI lends an affirmative answer. Cambridge Consultants has come with an AI that can tell how British or American dreamer your accent as.

Before you take the idea too seriously, let me clarify – the AI analyses your accent and breaks it down between British and American accents in terms of percentages. It does not really point out at your linguistic origin. So it’s better not to begin suspecting your parents if you get imprecise results. The idea is to earn good karma by helping the algorithm improve its understanding of linguistic patterns.

You’re required to recite a sentence and make sure you allow the browser to use the microphone when prompted. As Indians, we tried to pour out the fanciest accents we could and three of Beebom’s writers got three different results.

This AI Tells You How Well Can You Fake American or British Accent

I’m sure, by now, you’re really curious to find out your own results. Head over to this link to put your speech to test and don’t forget to share your results in the comments.

Cambridge Consultants is a serious hub of innovation that has its roots down sectors like healthcare, oil and gas, retail, and was recently chosen by Nvidia for a partnership program around deep learning. The company’s developers also spend some time developing engaging experiments to make more humans feel comfortable with robotic intelligence and had previously shown its witty side by developing an “explainable AI” which turns plain doodles into masterpiece paintings.

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