Adobe Teases AI-Powered Sky Replacement Tool for Photoshop

Adobe Teases AI-Powered Sky Replacement Tool for Photoshop
Image: Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock

Adobe is all set to host its Adobe MAX 2020 creativity conference from October 20 – 22. Ahead of the conference, the company has previewed its upcoming AI-based sky replacement tool through a new YouTube video.

Photoshop will soon have a ‘Sky Replacement’ option under the Edit menu to seamlessly swap the sky in your image. Adobe has loaded the feature with a few aesthetic presets. When you click on a preset, the image will get instantly updated. You can also resize the thumbnail preview for a better view.

You can create your own set of backgrounds by importing images from your system. Moreover, Adobe’s AI is smart enough so when you adjust the sky in your image, the warmth and color temperature in the foreground are automatically adjusted to match the color tones of the sky.

“Adobe Sensei-powered machine learning models do the heavy lifting of masking & blending and they use cutting edge algorithms to harmonize the foreground of your image with the sky,” says Adobe product manager Meredith Stotzne.

Judging by the demo video, the new sky replacement feature will be a godsend for those who are interested in editing their travel images, especially for uploading to Instagram. That said, it will be interesting to see if the feature manages to deliver the promised outputs in real-world scenarios.

As PetaPixel notes, Adobe teased a sky replacement feature at its Max 2016 conference. However, Skylum was the first company to widely launch the feature with Luminar 4 in July last year.

There is no exact timeline regarding when Adobe will add sky replacement to Photoshop, but we could expect the company to reveal more details at its Max 2020 conference.

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