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Finding dates online has become more and more popular over these last few years. Match Group is a company that owns most of the dating apps and sites like Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid. Facebook recently joined the party with their version of a dating site.

However, you did not think that Amazon will be launching their dating site now, did you? Well, it happened! Amazon just launched a dating site on the web. went live recently and if you want a date, you can order one right from the website. The website is an exact replica of the regular Amazon site. The only difference is that the products have been replaced by people.

When you open up the website, you can find numerous cards of products…uh…people to choose from. Each of these cards contains a featured image of your potential date with their name, age, rating and price. The prices range from $4.99 (Rs.355) to $299 (Rs.21,300). Clicking on the cards will reveal more details about that person, like any other product. You can find more images of the person from other angles and profiles along with some hilarious descriptions. You can also choose the preferred height of the person and select attributes from the “love language” section, before ordering your date with “One-Hour Prime delivery”. Now, for some weird reason, you can only deliver your date to Chennai!

Amazon Parody Dating

Well, by now you might have guessed that this is obviously a joke. However, the website is not. It is a legit website that you can access right now. But it is just a parody site created by artists Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn and Morgan Gruer in collaboration with the animation studio, Thinko.

Created as a pre-valentine day joke, at a glance this website doesn’t even look fake at all. It looks like a website that Amazon could make if they launch their version of a dating platform.

Apart from the hilarious descriptions and prices, the website also gives you some free laughs when you explore it. For instance, if you click the three lines at the top left corner, you can access additional options like “Deal of The Day”, “Prime video”, “Your Last Relationship”, “Don’t See What You’re Looking For?” and so on. If you click on “Your Last Relationship”, it will redirect you to the official music video of Britney Spear’s popular song, Toxic. Similarly, clicking on “Don’t See What You’re Looking For?” will take you to Netflix!

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The website is created purely for fun and if you want to check it out, head here. Explore the site to find more hilarious jokes and let us know about them down in the comments.

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