[UPDATE] Wuthering Waves Removed from Play Store, Developer Responds

Wuthering Waves Pre-Registration guide

Gacha game community woke to a shock to find out that the upcoming and highly-anticipated Wuthering Waves game has been removed from the Google Play Store. Wuthering Waves is set to release on May 22, 2024, and we have created a release countdown timer for the same. More importantly, the disappearance of the game from the Play Store has sparked tensions among the players who were waiting for the game.

Update: Wuthering Waves is now available on the Google Play Store after it disappeared briefly. You can visit this link to pre-register for the game on Play Store.

While Wuthering Waves has disappeared from the Play Store, it is still visible on the Apple App Store and Epic Games Store. When you visit the Wuthering Waves Google Play Store link, it shows the error message “we’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”

Also, the issue of Wuthering Waves being removed from the Google Play Store is not limited to a region, several users on Reddit have reported the same.

We reached out to the official Discord channel of Wuthering Waves and the channel mod acknowledged the issue. In response, they said: “YuanwuThink:1204004819048595466> so rn we’ll just wait for them to fix this. It’s weird because it’s working on taptap and appstore so this is g’playstore’s problem. If you want to register on Google PlayStore here ya go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kurogame.wutheringwaves.global.”

Wuthering Waves removed from Play Store

It seems that the the glitch is from Google’s end and we might see a fix soon. If you are also searching about Wuthering Waves not showing on Google Play Store, we suggest waiting a little until the issue is resolved.

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  • Kirito says:

    It’s fixed now , could you please update the information

  • Jim Bean says:

    It’s definitely showing up now when you search it up

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