How to Cheat at Wordle

If you have been following our coverage long enough, you know that Wordle is one game that can take anywhere from minutes to hours to guess the right word. Over the last few weeks, we have helped you out as much as we can. From the best Wordle starting words to the most effective Wordle tips and tricks, there’s a lot to learn. However, if you simply want to win the game, there are still ways you can circumvent and outright cheat at Wordle. So follow along as we show you the best possible ways to cheat at Wordle and get that pesky answer.

While Wordle is a game best played without any cheats, the methods below will help you as much as they can without any explicit cheating. However, if you want to simply cheat, skip to the end section.

1. Play Wordle in Incognito Mode

I think everyone knows by now that Wordle only gives one word in 24 hours. And while you can almost solve it in six tries, sometimes it’s not possible. If you fail, the game locks you until the next day until a fresh word arrives. However, there is a simple cheat to play a fresh game of Wordle the next time.

Simply open up an incognito tab on any web browser of your choice. The game will treat it as a separate instance and give you a fresh try. Give this Wordle cheat a shot the next time you feel you can’t get it in just six.

A screenshot of Google Chrome's incognito mode

2. Look up the Wordle Answer of the Day

This Wordle cheat sadly feels too much like giving up. However, if you find yourself at the end of your rope, this is one thing you must try. Almost every publication has dedicated resources giving you the exact Wordle answer of the day. All you need to do is visit their website and look it up.

While you will also find hints in such guides, you can skip to the answer if you don’t want to guess. However, if you’re willing to wait, then we have a dedicated guide on Wordle of the day coming up, too, so stay tuned.

3. Use an Online Wordle Solver

If you prefer not to cheat at Wordle but find yourself stuck after a few guesses, there’s something that can be done about that. There exist several Wordle word finders that take in your current tries and give out the answers. I found one of them and tried it multiple times to succeed. All you need to do is enter your green letters in that exact order, along with the yellow and greyed-out ones.

Make sure you get a minimum of three tries in Wordle before you use this tool. Once done, simply enter your data and proceed. The word solver will dish out a small list of the most probable words that it thinks are the answer. You can now try these words, and they will most likely be the answer. So if you kind of want to cheat, this tool is it.

4. Extract Answer from Wordle Website (Ultimate Hack)

If you don’t want even to try the above methods and just want the Wordle answer of the day, this is the ultimate hack you can try. However, before you proceed, do note that this is blatant cheating. So with our honor out of the way, let’s get the answer from Wordle itself.

Note: While we are using Google Chrome on macOS, the steps will remain the same on other browsers on Mac and Windows as well.

  • On your PC, open the official NYT Wordle Game (visit) and remain on the website without typing a word.
  • Now, right-click on an empty space and click on “Inspect.”
  • Next, click on the “two double arrows pointing right” and then click on “Network” in the drop-down menu that appears. You will now receive a network screen with a blank info box.
  • With the network tab open, refresh the Wordle page, and you should see different elements fill up the box.
  • Now, click on the search box and type “json“. You will now see a json file with the date for the day you’re trying this. Click on it.
  • Once done, click on the “Response” tab, and you will find the Wordle answer waiting for you.

And just like that, you have cheated at Wordle yet again and have the answer of the day. While this process is surely more tedious than the ones above, it’s worth it if you want a surefire way of getting the answer. Now go on and use the word and win Wordle every day.

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  • fryqu3 says:

    To cheat, while still guessing, just open several tabs of wordle, click Play on each one. Then try to solve the first wordle tab. If you get to the fifth line without solving, use that info and start on the second wordle tab. When you solve it, close the other tabs and your game will be saved as a win.

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