Woman Asks Jeff Bezos to Return Product in Meeting


As the CEO of a giant such as Amazon, Jeff Bezos might have been expecting a variety of questions during the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Seattle, but what he probably wasn’t expecting was an Amazon shareholder asking him to return a product she was unsatisfied with.

The woman, who is a shareholder in Amazon, was a part of Jeff Bezos’ open question and answer round during the meeting, where shareholders were asking the company to work on climate change and pay parity in the company. However, she took the opportunity to directly ask the CEO to return her product, claiming that she had tried four times and was unsuccessful in doing so through the company’s return methods.

According to GeekWire reporter Todd Bishop, Bezos was surprised but handled the situation with ease and humor, saying, “My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a routine task. Anybody else have anything they need to return?”

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