My Wiki is a War Zone with a Zillion Edits: Elon Musk

Elon Musk Tesla would shut down if cars used to spy

In a recent tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned how he felt about his Wikipedia page. He looked up his Wikipedia page after years and called it “a war zone with a zillion edits”.

In addition to it, he mentioned that someone had added “investor” to his profile and requested to delete it. He even made it clear that he does not invest at all. Take a look at the tweet below.

“If Tesla & SpaceX go bankrupt, so will I. As it should be,” he added. A fellow Twitter user asked if Tesla itself counts as an investment, to which the tech entrepreneur replied as follows: “Started Zip2 with ~$2k & ~$100k of student debt, rolled proceeds into X/PayPal, rolled proceeds again into SpaceX/Tesla, but these are all companies where I played fundamental founding role. Not right to ask others to put in money if I don’t put in mine.”

His followers were quick to edit his occupation to remove “investor”. At the time of writing this article, Elon Musk’s occupation on Wikipedia page reads “Entrepreneur, Engineer, Philanthropist”.

You might remember Elon Musk’s investment in DeepMind before Alphabet acquired the company in 2014. To justify this, Musk told Vanity Fair that this investment was to keep an eye on developments in the field of AI over financial gains.

“It gave me more visibility into the rate at which things were improving, and I think they’re really improving at an accelerating rate, far faster than people realize. Mostly because in everyday life you don’t see robots walking around.”, Musk told Vanity Fair.

VIA Business Insider
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