Who Is the Main Character in Wuthering Waves? Answered

In Short
  • The main character in Wuthering Waves is called Rover. There are two playable Rovers, Male and Female, and players can choose either one at the start of the game.
  • In the story, Rover has an unknown past and he/she is exploring the world to find answers about their past.
  • Players can use any name as the Rover's name in Wuthering Waves. This name will also be the username of the account.

Wuthering Waves is a Open World gacha RPG, and like most other gacha games, you can have multiple playable characters in it. However, Wuthering Waves still has a main character, around whom the main story revolves. This is similar to the Traveler in Genshin Impact or the Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail, who are not often used in actual combat but still remain the main protagonist of the story. Here is everything we know about Wuthering Waves’ main character.

Main Character in Wuthering Waves

Rover Wuthering Waves
Rover (Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves)

Rover is the main character in Wuthering Waves. Players can either play as the Male or Female Rover in Wuthering Waves. The Rover in Wuthering Waves is a multi-attribute character, and their actual names are the same as the username of the player.

This way, players can role-play as the protagonist, living the story of Wuthering Waves through their eyes. Other than the main resonator, players can also play as other resonators in Wuthering Waves. Here is a complete guide on all the Wuthering Waves characters at release.

Wuthering Waves Rover: Element, Weapon, and Lore

Wuthering Waves Male Rover
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Wuthering Waves

Rover is the main protagonist of Wuthering Waves. Rover possesses a similar ability to the legendary hero who once absorbed a Threnodian and was prophesized to reappear.

There are two Rovers, male and female, in Wuthering Waves and they are primarily the same characters having the same Element and weapon type and only slightly differ in idle and attack animations.

The element and weapon used by Rover at the release of the game are Spectro and Sword respectively. However, there is a good chance that Rover will be able to use all the elements and weapons eventually as the story continues developing.

So far from the story revealed in CBT2, we know that Rover awakens with an unknown past, and embarks on a journey to find answers. He is first found by Chixia and Yangyang, who also join the team at the start of the game.

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