WhatsApp Is Getting Closer to Adding Passkey Support on iPhone

Passkey about to get introduced in WhatsApp Beta
In Short
  • The latest WhatsApp Beta update for iOS points towards the introduction of a new passkey feature.
  • Passkeys will allow users to sign into their WhatsApp account using Face ID or Touch ID, without requesting a six-digit code.
  • The latest beta update shows a preview of the Passkeys setup screen in WhatsApp for iOS.

Another day, another new WhatsApp Beta update, and this time, it’s been reported that WhatsApp is adding support for passkeys to the iOS app. Passkeys already made their way to Android devices back in October last year. However, support for iPhones remained absent. But with this update, it looks like we will soon get passkey integration in WhatsApp for iOS.

According to WABetaInfo’s report, the latest WhatsApp beta version for iOS gives us a look at the setup screen for passkeys in the iOS app. This means we might get passkeys support in the iOS app very soon.

In case you don’t know, Passkeys use biometrics like Face ID or Touch ID to let you securely sign in to your WhatsApp account without the need to request a six-digit code. It makes the entire login process seamless and eliminates the chances of your account getting compromised.

Screenshot showing WhatsApp Passkeys setup screen in iOS
Image Courtesy: WABetaInfo

The screenshot above shows the setup screen for the Passkey feature in WhatsApp for iOS. Users will be allowed to set it up or continue with the regular passcode method if they so choose. Passkeys can be disabled anytime in the settings. If you want to sign into a device where passkeys are unavailable, you will have to request a six-digit code.

This way users won’t have to switch to a sign-in method that they don’t want to. However, we do recommend switching to Passkeys as it is more secure, and even X (formerly Twitter) adopted this feature on iOS It should also help you sign in when you are unable to request the login code.

As mentioned previously, the feature is still under development. And there is no specific date as to when it will see the light of day. But hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later. As someone who has already switched to Passkeys on most of my apps on Android, I am excited about their addition to the iOS version of WhatsApp.

Have you started using Passkeys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  • whats the point of passkeys in whatsapp 🤣. a person only install/reinstall whatsapp when its a new device or when something happens to the device and in that case the device is going to get hard reset anyway

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