What Does S/U Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat users have a lot of acronyms that are commonly used on the platform. You may already know about some of the acronyms, but some acronyms might be new to you. So, if you are wondering about the meaning of S/U (sometimes written as SU) on Snapchat, here is everything you need to know.

Meaning Of S/U on Snapchat

The term “S/U” is usually intended to mean “Swipe Up”. More often than not, you will find this written on stories shared by your friends or by public profiles. Swiping up on a story can be used to either direct you to a link, or to send a direct message to the person with whose story you’re interacting. You can also use the horizontal pill icon on the bottom of your screen to open a profile, reply to a snap, and more.

swipe up on friends stories
Story posted by a friend (left) and swiping up to send them a message (right)

If you’re interacting with public stories posted by media outlets, or celebrities for example, a swipe up action will lead you to their profile, allowing you to follow them, change notification settings for their stories, and more.

A public story (left) and the profile after swiping up (right)

Pro-tip: If you add a link to your snap or story, you can include the “S/U” or “SU” acronym to encourage people to swipe up and visit the link. Snapchat also offers a bunch of cool “Swipe Up” GIFs that you can use.

What does SU Mean in Text Messages or Direct Messages

The usage of SU depends on the context. While on snaps and stories, it is usually an invitation for you to swipe up, on text messages it usually means “shut up”. So, if you get a direct message on Snapchat (or a DM as it is colloquially called), it probably means “shut up”. That said, it might mean shut up on a snap as well; like I said, it depends on the context it’s used in. If you were exchanging snaps with someone, and the other person responds with SU on their snap, it probably means “shut up”.

There are a lot of other acronyms you will find being used on Snapchat, such as GTS. So, hopefully you now understand what SU means, and you can use it while exchanging snaps with your friends, or while posting your own stories.

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