What Is ADR in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) and How to Improve It?

In Short
  • ADR in CS2 means Average Damage per Round, which tells about the player's damage contribution to the team's success every round.
  • There are two ways to see your ADR in Counter-Strike 2. One is via the player card at the end of a match, the other is via the in-game scoreboard in real time.
  • To improve your ADR, you can use simple tactics like learning spray control, actively utilizing grenades and molotovs, and being aggressive.

It has already been over two months since Counter-Strike 2 was released, and the game brings many new features to the table. Well, one of these new things is the ADR rating, which helps a good player stand out among their teammates. Now, initially, it might have seemed like just another statistic on the scoreboard. However, it is more than that, and we are here to explain it. So, let us dive deep into what is ADR in Counter-Strike 2 and how you can improve it.

What Is ADR in CS2 and How Is It Calculated?

ADR is the Average Damage per Round in Counter-Strike 2. In CS: GO, it was called score and was shown in the in-game statistics tab. The ADR is a statistic to identify a player’s contribution to a team’s success.

The calculation for ADR in CS2 is simple. You divide your total damage dealt with by the number of rounds you play. For example, if you play a round and deal 400 damage, then your ADR will be 400. If your total damage is 400 after four rounds, then your ADR will be 100. So, in a 20-round game, if you have 1600 damage, then your ADR will be 80.

How to Check Your ADR in Counter-Strike 2

There are two ways to check your ADR in CS2. They will help you easily see your ADR without doing the calculation part. The ways to find your ADR in Counter-Strike 2 are:

Method 1: See ADR in CS2 End Game Screen

The easiest way to check your ADR is via the end screen after you have completed a game. To check it, you need to play a full game in CS2.

After the game is over, you will see a screen with the team’s statistics. The player cards will include the ADR at the top, as pointed out in the image below.

ADR in CS2 on end screen

Method 2: Check ADR via CS2 Scoreboard

If you are in a game and want to check your ADR in real-time, follow these steps:

  1. First, press the TAB key on your keyboard while you are in an ongoing game.
  2. Now, press the alt-fire button (right-click) on your mouse to reveal the options.
  3. Finally, click on the graph icon to see your current ADR stats in the scoreboard.
CS2 ADR stats

Improve ADR in Counter-Strike 2: Tips & Tricks

Now you know what exactly is ADR but how do you make sure you consistently put out damage and get a high ADR in CS2? Well, the only way to improve your statistics is to know some useful tips and tricks, which we have listed below.

1. Learn Spray Control

Our first advice to you is to be patient while playing Counter-Strike 2. Yes, before you panic spray in a fight and miss every bullet, remember to focus on the target. Remember that one headshot means one confirmed kill in most cases, adding 100 damage to your total damage count.

So, instead of spraying down unnecessary bullets, we suggest investing time in improving crosshair placement. You can practice it in casual game modes before jumping into the competitive side of things. Keep in mind that body shots will award you less damage and will contribute less towards your ADR in Counter-Strike 2.

2. Use Utilities and Survive

If you are not good at tapping heads, CS2 allows you to get damage count without it too. Make sure you buy utilities every round, especially the frag, incendiary grenades, and molotoves. Do not keep your utilities intact until you die.

Remember that, once you are dead, you lose your utilities for the next round. Also, it’s obvious, but you cannot deal damage once you are dead. So, keep in mind that survival is necessary. Use all your utilities and maximize your damage potential. This will easily increase your ADR in CS2.

3. Keep an Aggressive Mentality

The last tip we want to share is to have an aggressive mentality. Counter-Strike is a game where you always get a peekers advantage. So, if you are defending by sitting in a corner, there is a high chance you will end up at the low end of the scoreboard. Always try peeking at the right moment and learn all the early grenade spots.

Moreover, remember that once you get one or two kills early in a round and are low on health, you can stay back and let your team take charge. Be aggressive, not reckless.

So, that was our guide on how to see and improve ADR in Counter-Strike 2. If you like the article or want to add your tips, let us know in the comments.

What is a good ADR in CS2?

A good ADR is subjective in CS2. However, an average competitive ranked game should have players with at least 80 ADR. If you are not hitting the 80 average damage mark, you need to invest more time and improve at the game.

Is a high ADR good in Counter-Strike 2?

Having the highest ADR in CS2 means you dealt a lot of damage in the game. This indicates how good you were and how much you contributed to your team’s overall performance.

Is K/D better or ADR in CS2?

In Counter-Strike 2, your performance is judged by your total damage and ADR. This means even if your teammates steal your kills, you will have a superior performance overall.

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