What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft

What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft – Explained!

Mojang heard our prayers. Minecraft finally has a new mangrove swamps biome, and with it, we also have three types of frogs in the game. To celebrate their arrival in the game, we are here to teach you about the frogs’ meals. No, don’t be disappointed yet. Unlike almost all our existing mobs, frogs in Minecraft do have some variety when it comes to eating. In fact, feeding them different items yields distinct results. So, let’s not waste any more time and look at what frogs eat in Minecraft and how to feed them.

What Do Frogs Eat in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

First, our guide goes over the list of food items that frogs can eat, followed by the process of feeding them. You can use the table below to directly skip to the feeding part if that’s what you are interested in.

Food Items that Frogs Eat in Minecraft

In Minecraft 1.19, the frogs can eat the following items:

  • Small Magma Cubes
  • Small Slimes
  • Slimeballs

Contrary to a growing myth, you cannot feed magma cream to the frogs, even though it is obtained from magma cubes. Moreover, it is important to mention that frogs do not eat fireflies. Why, you ask? Well, the developers removed fireflies from Minecraft 1.19, and you can find the reason in the linked article. With that out of the gate, let’s go over each of these food items.

Small Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes in Minecraft

Magma cubes are bouncy hostile mobs that exclusively spawn in the Nether dimension. They spawn in three different sizes. If you kill the largest one, it breaks down into smaller magma cubes and so on. The frogs can only eat the smallest magma cubes, which are the third and final size of them.

Small Slimes

Slime Mobs in Minecraft

In many ways, slimes are the overworld version of magma cubes. They are bouncy, hostile, and green in color. You can find slimes in the swamp biomes at night. If you kill the largest slime, it breaks into smaller versions and so on. The frogs only eat the smallest slimes.


As the name suggests, slimeball is an in-game item and not a mob. You can obtain it by killing the smallest slimes in Minecraft. If a frog eats the slime, then it also drops a slimeball after getting killed.

Slimeballs in Minecraft

There is also a lesser-known alternate way to obtain slime in Minecraft. The baby pandas in Minecraft sometimes drop slimeballs when they sneeze. But this occurrence is very rare and unreliable. So, we won’t suggest you waste your time on this mechanic.

How to Feed Frogs in Minecraft

Feeding the frogs in Minecraft is pretty easy. If a small slime or a small magma cube comes close to a frog, the frog will eat it immediately. Meanwhile, you can feed slimeballs to a frog by right-clicking or using the secondary action key while holding a slimeball.

How to Make Froglights in Minecraft

If the frog eats a small magma cube, it drops a froglight block. The color of the froglight is similar to the frog that ate the magma cube. We are working on a detailed guide to teach you how to make a froglight in Minecraft and get all its variants, so stay tuned.

How to Tame and Breed Frogs

When you feed a slimeball to any frog, it goes into breeding mode. If there are two frogs close to each other, and you feed slimeballs to both of them, one of them will lay frog eggs in the water after some time.

Frogs and their Food Source in Minecraft

With that, we have uncovered the diet plan for the cutest creature of the swamps. But not so long ago, frogs had a different food source, and it went by the name of fireflies. If you don’t know about it already, you can read about the tragic fate of Minecraft 1.19 fireflies via our linked guide. Beware, it’s a sad story. But what’s not sad is our list of best mangrove seeds for Minecraft that you can use to directly spawn next to the amazing frogs. Though, once you spawn, what are you planning to feed your frogs? Tell us in the comments below!

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