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Beebom is a consumer technology platform that reaches more than 20 million people a month. We’re serving people with the hottest tech news in the town through our App, help them make better decisions through our detailed reviews and tutorials on the website, and produce high quality videos on the tech that actually matters the most to the end consumer.

Hiring Tech Writers for PC Building, Gaming, and DIY (Multiple Openings)

Our focus is on building an in-house team of talented geeks who can write quality tech resources for our ever growing reader base.

The candidate will be responsible for regularly producing quality content, researching on newer ideas and testing out gadgets/apps sent by companies on day to day basis.


1. 1-5 years of experience in writing for technology blogs or have been publishing articles on one’s own blog.
2. Have a good command of the English language.
3. Must be good at explaining things.
4. One who’s passionate about PC Building, keep oneself updated about everything on Desktop/Console Gaming front, and interested in tweaking with the settings of gadgets, etc.
5. Should be the go-to person for PC, Laptop, or Console related queries for his/her family, friends, etc.
6. Should have a knack for problem solving.

If you have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to PCs, Laptops, gaming, etc. Do apply!

Location: New Delhi, India
Apply Here: [email protected]