Vegapunk Reveals a Hard-Hitting Truth about the Void Century in One Piece

In Short
  • The consequences of the legendary battle between Joy Boy and the 20 kingdoms were more devastating than imagined, as revealed by Dr. Vegapunk.
  • During the Void Century, a terrible disaster caused the ocean to swallow up the old world of One Piece as the sea levels rose by about 200 meters.
  • The people today live on the ruins of the previous continents as a result of this catastrophe. The vanished ancient world is still submerged beneath the ocean.

Dr. Vegapunk started broadcasting his message to the world in Chapter 1113, and the old man is not holding back when it comes to clarifying some of the longest-standing mysteries in One Piece. It was finally revealed in Chapter 1115 what had transpired during the Void Century and how it had left the realm irrevocably scarred. This latest revelation by Vegapunk has completely altered our perception of the One Piece universe.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about the story and characters of One Piece. So, we highly suggest reading the manga (up to the latest chapter) beforehand in order to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Aftermath of Joy Boy’s Defeat Over 800 Years Ago

In One Piece chapter 1115, Vegapunk continued to share with the world about Joy Boy and the Void Century. As predicted before, the Void Century period came to an end with Joy Boy being defeated by the alliance of 20 kingdoms. However, according to Vegapunk, this epic war’s aftermath had far more significant ramifications. The world received forever-lasting scars from that battle between the first pirate and the World Government long ago.

For over 1000 chapters, we witnessed how one cannot just set sail and explore the treacherous and expansive oceans that occupy most parts of the One Piece world. The inhabitants hardly ever get the chance to venture outside of their islands because of the perils that reside beneath the ocean surface. Even though people now know this, Vegapunk emphasized that was not the case a millennium ago.

The Ancient World of One Piece Submerged

Vegapunk revealed that the ancient world of One Piece was engulfed by the ocean during the Void Century due to a catastrophic calamity. As a result of this disaster, the citizens today reside on the “continental remains” of the once-existing land masses.

To this day, at the bottom of the ocean lies the ancient world that was lost a millennium ago. Back then, there were several large continents confirmed to exist similar to our real world.

the old Wano Country submerged under water in One Piece
Image Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

Remember when Imu destroyed the Lulusia kingdom, the sea level rose by 1 meter. Now, Vegapunk shocked everyone in chapter 1115 by claiming the average sea level increased by an astounding 200 meters in just a century.

Just like how the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom was caused by the utilization of one of the ancient weapons, Uranus. Now, Dr. Vegapunk claimed that it was the same case during the Void century as there is no geological evidence to write it off as a natural disaster.

The ancient world was completely flooded when the sea level increased by almost 200 meters. This was the result of the extensive usage of Ancient Weapons (most likely Uranus) almost 800 to 900 years ago.

This new information has made a paradigm shift in the fans’ minds as they now begin to view this world differently. There have been many theories about this in the past, and we have also seen many regions underwater, but we never expected the world to work similarly to our real world. That said, drop your predictions for the next chapter of One Piece in the comments below.

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