Truecaller Brings Call Recording To Users On Android and iOS

The image represents the call recording feature of Truecaller on iOS

Back in 2018, Truecaller decided to make itself more useful by adding a Call Recording option on Android but was discontinued due to Google’s updated policy of restricting third-party apps to use its Accessibility API. Now, the popular caller ID platform is bringing the same feature back to both Android and iOS users. Find out more below.

Record Calls Using Truecaller On Your Smartphone!

Truecaller’s call recording won’t be a straightforward ‘on-device’ recording. Truecaller will use a workaround to achieve this. Truecaller will use a concept called a recording line. This is a cloud-based telephone service, that is usually operated by a telecom provider. It means that by using this tech, the app can record your calls directly on the cloud in real time. The call will be recorded and stored on the cloud, and will only become accessible to you once the call ends.

This will allow you to record, rename, edit, listen, share, and delete the recorded conversation. All the recordings will be available within the app itself. Do note that this feature will be available to Truecaller Premium subscribers only.

The company claims that this tech will record calls with clarity from both ends and will also be able to create summarized transcriptions using Large Language Model (LLM). You will also be able to record specific calls based on your preferences and avoid recording spam calls. You will be even able to back up the recordings on Google Drive (for Android) and iCloud (for iPhones).

This is currently being rolled out in the US but it has been exclusively reported by Forbes that Truecaller will use AI for its call Recording functionality in India for both Android and iOS. This feature will still be governed by Regulations laid down by the India Government regarding the recording of calls. So, maybe Truecaller will introduce some sort of indication to let the person on the other end know that the conversation is being recorded. This can either be in the form of a subtle beep or a more aggressive approach like that of Google.

So, what do you think of this new Truecaller feature? Is it enticing enough for you to avail the Truecaller Premium subscription? Do let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ramam DSS says:

    Fo more than 15 years I have been using mobile phone. I never felt the need to record a call. It may be useful in some rare instances. But I don’t go head over heels to get this feature.

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