TikTok Rating Decreases Drastically as YouTube vs TikTok Rages On

TikTok feat.

Popular video sharing platform TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last year. In fact, the app has become such a rage that it was banned in India for a while. However, there is no denying that TikTok has become a massive platform, with a lot of creators and viewers. All of that is great, but the app is not void of controversies either.

Now, in a surprise development, TikTok’s rating has suddenly dropped down to an all time low on the Google Play Store. This development follows the massive resurgence of the #BanTikTok hashtag in India. The app’s rating was 4.5/5 on the Play Store a few days back. However, today, TikTok’s rating has dropped down to just 2/5.

Looking at the latest ratings on the Play Store, almost every rating in the last two days is a 1 star rating for the app. Surprisingly, the app still has a 4.2 rating on the iOS App Store in India.

Lately, TikTok creators have been embroiled in a war against YouTube creators in a new ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ trend. Recently YouTuber CarryMinati made a video roasting TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui, and TikTokers in general. The video has been removed since then, which has taken the controversy even further. Fans of the YouTuber have been trending #BringBackCarryMinatiYoutubeVideo and #BanTikTok on Twitter.

All is not wonderful with TikTok anyway. The app has made headlines for the wrong reasons way too many times. Just recently, a TikTok creator by the name of Faizal Siddiqui came under scrutiny for posting a video allegedly promoting acid attacks on women.

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