Adjust your curtains

This Smart Gadget Lets You Automate Your Curtains

Adjust your curtains

Ever felt lazy to adjust the curtains when the sun just can’t stop shining to ruin your perfect morning sleep? Worry not, SwitchBot Curtain has got you covered. SwitchBot Curtain is a smart curtain accessory that lets you adjust the curtains right from your smartphones.

This smart curtain is compatible with any rod and rail type curtain. Most importantly, it can be installed in just 30 seconds without requiring any kind of screws. Cool, right?

It accepts voice commands from popular smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri so that you can just speak to adjust the curtain and get back comfortably to your weekend sleep. However, you will need an additional Hub to do that.

Moreover, the SwitchBot Curtain has an inbuilt sunlight sensor that detects sunlight. It can be configured to automatically close the curtains. This could be useful especially in the summer to keep some excess heat out of your room. The same is applicable in the winters to warm up your room when the sensor detects sunlight.

The company offers a solar panel power strip add-on that will automatically charge the battery of SwitchBot Curtain. This way, you can just make a one-time purchase and forget about charging the smart gadget. Even without the solar panel addon, SwitchBot curtain offers up to 8 months of usage on a single charge, which can be done wirelessly.

In case you forget to close the curtains before leaving the house, you can use the company’s app to do that remotely. It can also be configured to open and close at regular intervals to simulate the feeling that people are inside the home to keep thieves away.

A physical wireless remote button is being offered by the company if you prefer to have a compact remote to control the curtains without relying on your smartphone. As far as pricing is concerned, SwitchBot starts at a price of $69 and ships to anywhere in the world starting April next year.

Check out SwitchBot Curtain from the below link and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

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