The Bear Season 3 Cast and Characters

The Bear is all set to return with the much-awaited Season 3, and we can’t wait to see Jeremy Allen White portraying Carmy Berzatto as gracefully as ever. However, it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen this show on our screens, so it’s normal for the fandom to wonder about the returning main cast members of Season 3. If you’re also in the same boat, we are here to take you to the shore and answer all questions about The Bear Season 3’s cast and characters.

1. Jeremy Allen White as Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto

Carmen Carmy Berzatto shocked in the Bear
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The Bear’s main guy, Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy, is all set to return in the third season. Carmen contributed heavily to the success of the first two seasons of The Bear, and it’s certain that this character will certainly live up to everyone’s expectations in Season 3 as well.

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto returns to Chicago to fulfill his responsibilities after his brother’s death. Even though he keeps on getting anxious at times, he never lets any factor affect his job. Season 2 of The Bear showed a side of Carmy that was worth praising. He came out as a man who would do anything to protect his personal and professional life. Well, the trailer for the third season also teases him doing the same as things get chaotic in the restaurant, and his personal life also becomes a mess.

2. Ayo Edebiri as Sydney

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Carmy’s partner in crime, Sydney, will also be back in The Bear Season 3. When Sydney initially joined Carmy’s restaurant, it was going downhill, and the existing staff didn’t like her because she had a unique way of tackling things. However, she soon became the person Carmy trusted the most with the restaurant’s business and operational duties.

In Season 2, Sydney helped Carmy develop their new restaurant, ‘The Bear.’ We also get to see the bond she shares with her father and the relationship she starts developing with Carmy. As she has been around for Carmy through thick and thin, we can expect to see her standing like a pillar with our main guy in Season 3.

3. Abby Elliott as Natalie Berzatto

Abby Elliott concerned as Natalie Berzatto in The Bear
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Natalie Berzatto is one of the secondary characters of The Bear. She is Carmy’s sister, who spent most of her childhood years being abused by her mother. However, that doesn’t affect Natalie’s personality after growing up, as she is one of the most compassionate characters The Bear has blessed us with.

In Season 1, Natalie helped Carmy figure things out for their family restaurant, The Original Beep, but her character development was witnessed in the second season. Carmy and Sydney hired Natalie to look after the finances and renovation status when the restaurant was being transformed into The Bear. Natalie was heavily involved in the project, and she proved her capabilities and love for her brother.

4. Lionel Boyce as Marcus Brooks

Lionel Boyce taking notes as Marcus Brooks in The Bear
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Marcus is one of the main characters of the series. He is a humble man who is always seen doing good for others. For instance, when Sydney joined The Original Beef, Marcus was the only one other than Carmy who treated her well and helped her feel comfortable. Besides that, he is a man who loves baking.

In Season 2, while everyone was busy doing their share of work, Marcus traveled to Copenhagen to polish his baking skills. Despite having an ill mother at home, he kept his craft on top of everything. After returning from Copenhagen, he presented new desert ideas to Sydney and supported the team with every new challenge that came their way during The Bear’s development.

5. Liza Colón-Zayas as Tina Marrero

The Bear Season 3 Cast and Characters
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Tina Marrero seemed antagonistic in the beginning as she stood against Carmy when he decided to modernize the restaurant. However, by the end of Season 1, she changed her mind and agreed to support the team.

In Season 2, Tina is taken as a sous chef and is sent to a culinary academy to hone her skills. Upon returning, she plays a significant role. Tina helped Sydney to create a new menu for the new restaurant. We hope to see more of her softer side in The Bear Season 3.

6. Matty Matheson as Neil Fak

Neil Fak fixing the sink in The Bear
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Fak is not a chef but a mechanic who helped Carmy in The Bear’s development. He was Michael Berzatto’s best friend and was shattered when he committed suicide. However, he loved to work for The Orginal Beef, so he continued to support Carmy. Later, he became a crucial part of the team in Season 2 and helped them deal with the construction issues.

Since Fak was Mike and Carmy’s childhood buddy, he not only helped the latter at work but also played a great role in bringing Carmy and Claire closer.

7. Jon Bernthal as Michael Berzatto

Jon Bernthal as Michael Berzatto in The Bear
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Michael Berzatto, Carmy’s deceased brother, was the owner of The Original Beef of Chicagoland. He couldn’t stand the troubles of the business, so he committed suicide and left Carmy with a huge responsibility. The Walking Dead and Punisher fame, Jon Bernthal, appeared as Michael in the flashbacks in Season 2, and the upcoming season will be no different.

8. Molly Gordon as Claire

Claire with Carmen Carmy Berzatto in The Bear
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Claire is Carmy’s childhood sweetheart, and their chemistry on the TV Show deserves every bit of praise. One moment, they make us smile with their cute gestures; the other, they make us emotional. So, with all the recurring and new faces, it’s good news that Claire will also be back in the new season of The Bear. Honestly, in between all the troubles, it’s great seeing Claire and Carmy’s beautiful chemistry on screen. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of that in the upcoming season.

The cast choice of The Bear couldn’t be any better, and it’s great that all the main cast will reprise their characters in Season 3. So, we better get ready for some awesome performances in a heartwarming story that’ll sometimes tear us apart while also making us a part of a beautiful journey.

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