This Website Lets You Test Linux Distros Right from Your Browser

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If you are an avid Linux user who hops distros every weekend, it can be confusing at times to pick a distro to install. Well, not anymore. There exists a website named DistroTest that lets you test Linux operating systems from your web browser without requiring any sort of installation so that you can get a better idea regarding what to expect from the operating system without even downloading it.

The website offers 807 versions of Linux distros across 244 operating systems and hence, it is more likely that the distro you’re planning to check out will have its version on DistroTest. Cool, right?

The best part is, it won’t ask any of your personal information and will not require you to create an account on the website. This way, you don’t have to worry about any privacy-related risk.

This Website Lets You Test Linux Distros Right from Your Browser

I tried running Elementary OS 5.0 Juno from DistroTest as you can see in the above image and I did not face any major issue using the operating system in the browser except a slight mouse pointer response delay.

Initially, DistroTest provides you with 30 minutes to test the distro. After that time runs out, you can click on the Extend time button to extend the time limit to 15 more minutes.

The website claims the ability to install and remove software but in my brief period of testing the distro, the functionality didn’t exist. This might be due to the limited storage offered in the session or maybe, it could be added in a future update.

Nevertheless, DistroTest is a great way of experiencing Linux distros for newbies without any commitment and we would recommend you to try it once before installing your next Linux distro.

So, which Linux distro are you planning to try out first on DistroTest? Tell us in the comments.

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