Telegram v8.5 Update Brings New Interactive Emojis, Improved Navigation, and More

Telegram Adds New Interactive Emojis, Improved Navigation, and Other Features with v8.5 Update

Telegram has rolled out a bunch of new features for its social messaging platform as part of its monthly update. Other than fixing existing bugs, the messaging giant has added several new features, including support for new video stickers, interactive emojis, improved reactions, and easier navigation. So, let’s take a look at the details.

Telegram v8.5 Update: What’s New?

Video Stickers

With the latest update, Telegram has added support for stickers that can be converted from regular videos. Previously, users could use the animated stickers feature to add fun and quirky stickers to the platform. However, creating such stickers requires special software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Now, with the support for video stickers, users will be able to easily create their custom, animated stickers from regular videos using any video editing programs and add them to Telegram. They can publish their sticker packs using the @Stickers bot or download new sets made by others. You can check out the Video Sticker Manual on Telegram’s official website to get more details about the feature.

New Reactions, Better Reactions, and Interactive Emojis

Other than adding support for video stickers, Telegram has also added five new reaction emojis so users can give relevant reactions to messages. Furthermore, these reactions are interactive in nature, which means that if a user taps and holds a reaction emoji before sending it, the reaction will turn into a synchronized full-screen effect.

Interactive emojis are similar to the full-screen reaction feature. Hence, users can send those same emojis that are available as reactions as interactive emojis, which creates a full-screen animation effect in a personal or a group chat when a recipient taps on them.

Improved Navigation

Coming to the improved navigation feature, Telegram is making it easier for users to navigate around personal chats, group chats, saved messages, and other pages on the platform.

With the recent update, users will be able to press and hold the “Back” button on any chat page to open up a list of previously visited chats. Then, they can tap any of the options to return to a specific group chat or the Saved Messages page. Moreover, as a user visits more pages, chats, or group chats on Telegram, the list automatically gets updated.

Apart from these, Telegram has also added minor animations to the tab-icons on iOS. Plus, the company also improved call quality, added support for translation to Instant View pages, and an option to send silent messages from the sharing interface.

So, if you use Telegram over other messaging apps, you can download the latest update on your iOS or Android device from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Also, let us know your thoughts on the new features in the comments below.

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