Spotify Rewards Program Introduced in India; Check out the Details!

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Spotify has an interesting thing for users in India. The popular music-streaming platform has introduced the new Rewards Program, which will provide people with a chance to win rewards by performing certain challenges. Have a look at the details below.

Spotify Rewards Program Now in India

Spotify’s new Rewards Program is specially made for the Asian market and is starting out in India. It is expected to reach other Asian regions soon. The program will be available with the Spotify Premium Mini plan.

The information was announced by Spotify’s product manager, Szymon Kopeć. As per the screenshots shared by him, there will now be a Rewards section on the Spotify app. This section will include daily challenges for people to perform and upon their completion, rewards will be waiting for them.

The Rewards section will house the ‘Challenges’ and ‘Rewards’ sub-sections to keep track of them. As an example, it is revealed that there will be a challenge for people to use Spotify’s Premium Mini plan for 10 days in a period of 30 days. When and if completed, users will get a discount on the Premium Mini plan, which will cost Rs 2 instead of Rs 25 per week. There will be new challenges everyday.

For those who don’t know, Spotify Premium Mini provides ad-free streaming, downloads (on a single device), and group sessions on a daily or weekly basis. It costs Rs 7 a day and Rs 25 a week. It is relevant for people who don’t want to subscribe to Spotify for a month. The Spotify Individual, Duo, and Family plans are available on a monthly basis. You can check out all the Spotify plans below.

Spotify Plans

The new Rewards Program has started rolling out to people in India. It remains to be seen if this gets extended to other Spotify plans or the free users. Do share your thoughts about this in the comments below if you end up becoming a part of the program.

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