How to Listen to Spotify With Friends (2024 Guide)

In Short
  • Spotify Jam lets you create group sessions to listen to music together with your friends on the platform.
  • To start a Jam, play a Spotify track -> Connect icon -> Start a Jam.
  • However, Spotify Jam is limited to premium users of the music service only as of now.

Spotify offers a plethora of features for its premium users to make use of, and Spotify Jam is one of them. This feature basically lets you listen to Spotify with your friends by handing everyone synchronized playback controls. From long drives to simple group hangouts and even parties, I can think of countless different situations where this can come in handy. So, how do you do it? Let’s find out how to listen to songs on Spotify with friends.

What Is Spotify Jam Session

Using the Spotify Jam feature, you create a group session to which you can invite any other Spotify premium user. You and your friends share synchronized audio playback controls and can pause, play, rewind, or change the music at any point. Moreover, anyone can add music to the jam and introduce each other to different genres. If you invite a non-premium user to a Spotify Jam, they’ll be prompted by the service to hop on the premium bandwagon.

Spotify Jam premium only feature pop up

How to Start Spotify Jam to Listen to Music with Friends

First things first, as I said, you will need to get Spotify Premium. You can also get a Spotify student discount if you qualify for it. Anyway, once that’s done, head over to the Spotify app and follow the below steps. Also, do note that these steps work for both the web player and app versions. With that out of the way, here’s the rundown:

  • Play any track or podcast on Spotify and tap on the connect devices icon at the bottom left corner.
  • On the next page, you’ll see the option to Start a Jam. Tap on it, and then on the Spotify Jam banner page, hit Got it. Free users will not even see this option though.
Starting a Spotify Jam
  • Then, you can choose to share the link with your friends or Expand code (QR) to scan and connect to the Spotify Jam session.
Sharing a Spotify Jam link
  • On your friend’s side, they will get the option to either Join the Jam from their device remotely or use your speaker if they’re there with you. You’ll see these same options when getting into a Spotify Jam session.
Joining a Spotify Jam
  • Once you have created a jam and people have joined in, you will see a new panel hover over every track you play. Tapping on it will open up a small window where you can also Add songs to the Jam. Here, you can also choose to End the Spotify Jam session.
  • You can tap on the participants icon to go to the Spotify Jam Session details page.
Heading over to a Spotify Jam Session Details Page

Here, you can choose to invite people, remove all participants, or selectively remove someone.

Once you and your friends have joined in, you all can further invite people into the Spotify Jam. A total of 32 Spotify users can join the Jam. Moreover, any of the added users can play songs in the jam. If you’ve followed the steps and still Spotify Jam is not working for you as intended, check out the interlinked guide for the fix.

What about you though? What do you think of the feature and did you get it to work following these steps? Do let me know in the comments down below!

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