What Is Spotify Premium Duo and How Does it Work?

In Short
  • Spotify Premium Duo costs $16.99 and gives Premium access to two accounts.
  • Once purchased, you can invite another person living under the same address to use all premium features.
  • Spotify uses the billing address of the Plan manager when letting the other person join Premium Duo.

Spotify offers many plans and one of them is Duo. As the name suggests, Duo allows two people to enjoy the benefits of Spotify Premium. Given how Spotify Premium Individual prices have plummeted in the last few months, switching to Duo could be a pretty cost-effective move. Here’s everything you need to know about Spotify Duo and how it works.

What is Spotify Premium Duo?

Spotify Duo is one of Spotify’s Premium subscription plans that can get you Premium and its benefits on up to two Spotify accounts living at the same address. Duo eliminates the need to share the same account and manage playlists.

It brings a lot of value compared to Spotify Individual as the effective price per individual, when shared, comes down by around 40%. All Premium plans give you access to Ad-free music, Offline Listening, Spotify Jam, Unlimited Skips, and more, and the Duo is a great way to listen to music with your partners or friends.

How Much Does Spotify Duo Cost?

Spotify Duo costs $16.99/month and gives two people access to Premium. That’s around $5 less compared to Premium Individual and becomes a no-brainer if you have two people in your family or want to share it with your other friend. As for the features you get in Premium Duo, you can check them out in our dedicated Premium Plans post.

Premium Duo vs Individual Plans

The main difference between Duo and Individual premium plans is that Spotify Duo gives you two Premium accounts versus one in the Individual plan. Premium Duo costs $16.99/month whereas Spotify Premium Individual costs $11.99/month.

Besides, users of both plans can use all Spotify Premium features without restrictions. The only limitation on Duo is that only the Plan manager gets access to the platform’s audiobook catalog and can listen to it for up to 15 hours monthly.

How to Upgrade to Spotify Duo Plan

If you aren’t already subscribed to Premium, you can choose the Premium Duo plan when subscribing to Spotify Premium. If you’re already on Premium, you can upgrade to Duo from a browser or Spotify app.

Note You’ll have to pay the full amount for the plan. Spotify won’t refund the cost of your existing subscription. The same goes for if you’re subscribed to the Annual Premium Individual plan


  1. Go to the Spotify Duo (website) and click on get started.
  2. Log in to your Spotify account with your credentials.
  3. Now, enter your Address and card details.
  4. Scroll down and click Buy now. Once the transaction goes through, you will now be enrolled to the Premium Duo subscription.
  • Spotify Duo get started
  • Log in with credentials
  • What Is Spotify Premium Duo and How Does it Work?

On Phone

  1. Tap on your profile picture at the top left inside the Spotify app.
  2. Go to Settings and privacy > Account.
Go to account
  1. Hit the See available plans section and select Premium Duo.
  2. Next, tap on Manage your subscription.
SPotify Duo select
  1. Tap on Subscribe and select Get Premium Duo.
  2. Enter your payment details on the next page and hit the Buy Now button at the bottom.
Spotify Get Premium Duo

Once the payment is processed, you will be subscribed to the Duo plan.

How to Add Someone to Spotify Duo

The process of inviting the other member is similar to inviting on the Spotify Premium Family plan. To add another member to your Duo plan, head over to your profile picture inside the Spotify app > Profile > Settings and privacy > Account > Premium Duo > Invite member and share the link with someone you wish to add to your plan.

How to Add Members to Your Spotify Family Plan

On PC, you can add a member by visiting your Spotify account (website) > Subscriptions > Manage Members. From here, you can copy the invite link and share with the person you want to add to your plan.

If the other person doesn’t live under the same roof as you, make sure to share with them your registered address on Spotify. Once they tap the invite, they will be asked to enter the address for verification, which should match the Plan Manager’s address.

And that’s all you need to know about the Duo Plan. How has your experience been using Spotify? Let us know in the comments.

How does Spotify know both accounts are living at the same address?

Spotify doesn’t track you, but it uses the address of the billing account to check if the address entered by the other party at the time of invite is correct. So technically, you can use Premium Duo if the other account isn’t under the same roof.

Is Duo better than Individual?

There’s no difference features-wise, but Duo is more value for money, and it’s better to have Duo compared to each individual having their own Premium account.

Do I need two accounts to use Spotify Premium?

Yes, Spotify Duo allows two accounts to enjoy the benefits of Premium and its features.

Why can’t I add someone to Spotify Duo?

The person you’re trying to add needs to be at the same address as you or needs to enter the same address as yours. Failing to do so will result in you being unable to add someone to the Duo plan.

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