Snapchat Adds Two New Lenses in Partnership with WHO to Help Users Fight Coronavirus

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With the continued threat of the Coronavirus in countries like the US and Europe, many companies have done their bit to encourage people to maintain social distancing. Recently, Snapchat joined the club by adding two new lenses in their app. These lenses were developed by the company in partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The two new lenses look quite simple when compared to Snapchat’s other lenses. However, like most of the app’s lenses, these two also uses Augmented Reality (AR) to display the results.

Now, one of these lenses provides tips to fight the COVID-19 causing Coronavirus in AR, while the other one encourages users to maintain a minimum social distance from other individuals.

The lens that informs users about “how not to get infected by Coronavirus” uses the AR capabilities of the camera to show useful animated suggestions in the real world. These suggestions include a gentle reminder to wash your hands frequently and also remind users not to touch their faces unnecessarily. It also explains the importance of staying indoors in this difficult time.

On the other hand, the “My Social Distance” lens uses AR to draw a perimeter around the user. This lens essentially lets the user see the actual distance recommended by the WHO that is to be maintained in social situations.

Now, as these lenses were developed by the company in collaboration with the WHO, both of them lead to the official website of the organisation. In here, users can find much more information on the Novel Coronavirus and also get the latest updates from around the globe.

As the number of cases surges in the US, there has never been a better time for the people to maintain social distancing. It is literally the one and only way to stop the spread of this fatal disease.

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