What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat

In Short
  • "KMS" on Snapchat typically translates to "Kill myself" and is used jokingly or in a sarcastic manner by youngsters.
  • Some even use "KMS" as "Killing me slowly", expressing boredom and not willing to do something.
  • In some cases, KMS can also mean that the person is going through an emotionally tough time and contemplating self harm.

Teens these days use so many abbreviations for sentences and phrases that it’s almost like they are talking in code words. While most of these terms are harmless and fun, some can present a scary situation if you are not well-versed enough. One of those terms is “KMS” and in this read, we will explain its meaning on Snapchat and regular texting. Plus, how you should respond to it.

Trigger Warning This article mentions self-harm and suicidal thoughts and feelings, which may be triggering for some readers. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help. You are not alone.

Meaning of KMS on Snapchat

“KMS” stands for “kill myself”. Most teens and other people use it as a way to exaggerate an inconvenience or something bad that happened to them in a joking, almost sarcastic manner. Some people who have a dark sense of humor (which is typically the case with most people on the internet) use it funnily.

On Snapchat, your close buddies may use “kms” as a way to portray something in an over-the-top manner. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Ugh, I failed that history test. 😫 KMS!!
  • Dude, this game is SO glitchy! kms 😑
  • Did you see the latest episode? So disappointed! KMS 😓
  • Noooo! Spilled coffee all over myself. ‍Kms, that sucks.
KMS Casual Use

Alternate Meaning of KMS

Besides this, “KMS” can also be used as “killing me slowly”. This one is typically used when teens are bored or tired of waiting for something to happen. It is also a way to overemphasize something that is bothering them. Though it is not, something used commonly, teens may use it among their circle of friends.

Here are some examples of “killing me slowly” or KMS in Snapchat and text conversations:

  • The history class feels like it is never-ending! Feel like KMS 💀
  • I’ve been wearing these tight jeans for way too long. Bro it’s KMS!!! 😭
  • This song is Kms!!! It’s so good, I can’t stop listening 🤩
  • Will you accept that you two love each other?? The anticipation is kms!!
KMS Alternative Use

Serious Use Case of KMS

If the conversation with your friend takes a serious turn, and they use the term “KMS” then it doesn’t mean they are necessarily joking. They could be contemplating suicide or self-harm. You should take it as a call for help and reach out to them immediately. You need to support them during this phase to improve their mental health.

Make sure to let their parents or guardians know about this so they can intervene and prevent something from happening to them. Here are some serious examples of the use of “KMS” in a serious context:

  • I have been constantly failing all my tests this semester. I think I might kms.
  • No one in the school wants to be friends with me. KMS if this continues.
  • I can’t take my mom constantly yelling at me all the time. She makes me feel like I should KMS.
  • Lately, I don’t find joy in anything. Kms because I think I am depressed.
KMS Serious Use

How to Respond to KMS

When you receive a text like this, it can be hard to tell at times whether the person is serious or just kidding. Especially since they use the term often in a sarcastic way. Here are some ways that you can respond to KMS.

  • Let’s say your friend had a bad day, and they are telling you about it in an annoying or frustrated manner, then you can give a reassuring response like, “Hey, it happens to the best of us. Next time will be better, don’t worry”.
  • Maybe they are tired of waiting for something and used KMS in its alternate meaning on Snapchat. Then you can reply with words of encouragement. “You have come this far, have patience buddy”.
  • If your friend is sharing something personal with you, feeling depressed, or talking about self-harm, then it is best to call them. Or reach out to someone who looks after them. Tell them that you’ll be there for them, and they shouldn’t feel alone.

The thing about teenagers these days is that they often share their pain with a smile. While texting has brought us closer together, it has also made it difficult to tell what the other person is going through. KMS is a term that is used in a fun way among some Snapchat users, but be cautious whenever one uses this phrase, as they might be going through a really rough time.

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