Slack GPT Will Soon Give You Chat Summaries and More Help for Better Productivity


With the ChatGPT hype reaching new heights, Salesforce, at its World Tour event, has introduced Slack GPT, a generative AI experience that works natively with the messaging platform to boost productivity. Check out more details below. 

Slack GPT: A New Way to Work

Slack GPT is meant to simplify work and features natively integrated AI features, including conversation summaries and assistance for writing content and messages. The AI would help users draft better, more well-rounded content. It can also attend Huddles on the user’s behalf and provide summaries of unread messages in channels in a jiffy.

Image: Slack

According to State of Work research, people who leverage AI tools are 90% more likely to achieve higher productivity levels. However, only 27% of companies currently take advantage of AI tools. As a solution, the company has introduced Slack GPT, a generative AI that will help employees “work smarter, learn faster, and communicate better.”

Slack already allows users to securely integrate language models like Claude and ChatGPT (currently in beta) into the messaging app. But now, it takes things a step further with its AI-powered Workflow Builder, which can help users build customized workflows to automate tasks using generative AI prompts without ever having to write a single line of code. 

Salesforce has also created the Einstein GPT assistant, which will also be adapted into a dedicated Slack app. This assistant can access live customer information from trusted Salesforce Customer 360 data and the Data Cloud. This integration can automatically notify teams of new leads or updates to ongoing sales projects, further streamlining workflows.

Slack says the new Workflow Builder will arrive later this year. However, its native AI features and Einstein GPT are still in development. While we don’t have an official release date, the unveiling of Slack GPT marks a significant step forward in productivity tools for teams that use Slack. So, what do you think? Do let us know in the comments below.

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