How to Share Your Screen in Facebook Messenger on Desktop

How to Share Your Screen in Facebook Messenger on Desktop

Along with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger remains one of the most loved messaging apps across platforms. Probably, the best part about the messaging app is a host of user-friendly features including screen sharing which comes in handy in various situations. Whether you wish to share a live view of your screen, shop together online, or help your buddy troubleshoot an issue, screen sharing has a role to play. If you are yet to try out this versatile feature, let me walk you through the quick process to share the screen in Facebook Messenger on desktop.

How to Share Your Screen in Facebook Messenger on Desktop

Do note that the number of participants is restricted depending on the service you are using. While a simple Messenger call allows screen sharing with up to 8 people at once, Messenger Rooms allow you to broadcast your screen with up to 16 people simultaneously.

Facebook has promised that it’s soon going to increase the limitation from 16 to 50. What’s more, it is also planning to introduce enhanced controls for Messenger Rooms so that you can restrict the ability to screen share to yourself or make it available to all participants during the call or while creating a room.

  1. To get started, head over to,, Messenger Rooms, or Workplace Rooms.

Open Messenger Rooms

2. Now, start a video call or create a new room as per your need.

kickstart a video call

3. Next, click on the “Share screen” button at the bottom.

Click on Screen Share button

4. Next up, choose the “Entire screen.” “Application window” or “Browser tab” and hit Share. 

Choose the desired screen sharing option

5. After the screen sharing has started, you can choose to keep the call in the background or navigate through the shared tabs/apps. In the end, tap on the “Stop Screen Sharing” option located at the bottom of the call window.

Click on Screen Sharing option

That’s pretty much it! If you want to give a try to this useful feature on your mobile device as well, check out our hands-on guide.

Use Facebook Messenger to Share Screen on Desktop

So, that’s the way you can make the most screen sharing in Facebook Messenger to stay connected with your loved ones or collaborate with your colleagues. In the backdrop of COVID-19, video-conferencing and screen sharing have become probably the most pivotal tools to connect, interact, or collaborate with people.

With that said, what’s your take on this Facebook Messenger feature? More importantly, let us know the features you want to see in the popular messaging app in the comments section below.

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