You Can Scan QR Codes Directly from the Control Center in iOS 12

iOS 12 brings a bunch of awesome features to supported iPhones, and while the main USP of iOS 12 is the fact that it brings a lot of performance improvements to the phone, there are a bunch of cool features baked in as well.

In the iOS 12 Control Center, there is now a new icon that shows a QR code — you can simply tap on this icon and point your iPhone at a QR code to have your iPhone scan it and show you the details.

How to Scan QR Codes from Control Center in iOS 12

Scanning a QR code from the Control Center is really straightforward. All you have to do is launch the Control Center, you’ll see the QR button on the bottom. Simply tap on it, and it’ll launch the QR scanner camera.

You Can Scan QR Codes Directly from the Control Center in iOS 12

Now, just point your phone towards the QR code, and it’ll show a notification that you can tap to perform the required action.

You can also scan QR codes in iOS 12 by launching the camera app and pointing your phone at a QR code, or by 3D Touching on the camera icon on the home screen, and choosing ‘Scan QR code’ from the 3D Touch menu that shows up.

That’s yet another neat feature in iOS 12, along with the OTP autofill that should make paying for things easier.

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