Resident Evil: Every Ada Wong Appearance In-Game

Ada Wong is arguably one of the most iconic video game characters from Resident Evil. Most people are enamored by her looks and femme-fatale persona. However, she has only ever appeared a handful of times across various Resident Evil titles. If you’re an Ada fanatic like me, keep reading as I list down every Ada Wong appearance in Resident Evil right here!

1. Resident Evil 2 (1998 and 2019)

Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong Appearances

Playable? Partly. In one section in during the Leon A playthrough of Resident Evil 2 Remake

One of the first Resident Evil games Ada Wong made an appearance in was the Resident Evil 2. You first meet her when playing as Leon and exploring the police station’s garage. Ada introduces herself by shooting at Leon, mistaking him for another Zombie. She is inside the Racoon PD, searching for the reporter named Ben. However, we later realize she wants a sample of the G-Virus.

The 2019 Remake of Resident Evil 2 faithfully recreates this scene, right from the introduction to the motives for Ada shooting at Leon. The developers even recreated her look for the sequel. This game gave birth to the chemistry between Leon and Ada in the series.

2. Resident Evil 4 (2005 and 2023)

Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong Appearances

Playable? Yes. In Separate Ways campaign

Ada Wong makes an appearance in the game with Resident Evil 4. In a village full of people infected with Las Plagas, Leon is exploring a castle in search of Ashley. Ada catches him off-guard, resulting in a stand-off.

We’ll see Ada at the end, helping Leon defeat Saddler and giving him the keys to the jetski. Players will later get to play Ada in Separate Ways, a campaign in Resident Evil 4 that follows Ada’s footsteps throughout the events of Resident Evil 4.

The 2023 Remake once again recreates this scene inside the castle. However, Ada’s looks were starkly updated from her original 2005 look. Instead of wearing an oriental dress, Ada now wears a red turtle-neck outfit and knee-high boots.

Furthermore, the ending gets slightly tweaked, whereas in the original, Ada escapes with the serum and gives Leon the keys to the water. Ada offers Leon to ride in the chopper with her in the remake, but Leon declines.

Ultimately, Resident Evil 4 further spices up this complicated relationship between Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy, which a filler movie named Resident Evil Damnation explores.

3. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007)

Umbrella Chronicles Ada Wong Appearances
Image Courtesy: YouTuber MrAlbertWesker08

Playable? Yes. In the Death’s Door scenario

Ada Wong returns in the Nintendo Wii-exclusive on-rails shooter Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. She appears in a sub-plot named “Death’s Door” during the scenario. We follow Ada Wong during Resident Evil 2, further giving us some context on her disappearance during the middle half of the game and how she escapes Racoon City’s destruction.

Of course, given Umbrella Chronicles retells the stories of the first four games (Zero, RE1, RE2, and RE3), you’ll find some inconsistencies when Leon meets her for the first time. However, her part of the story is pretty believable.

Ada wears the similar attire we’ve seen in the original Resident Evil 2 and Remake, all bandaged up by the end of the game. And that’s the third Ada Wong appearance in Resident Evil.

4. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009)

Darkside Chronicles Ada Wong appearance
Image Courtesy: YouTuber HoundForHire16Bit

Playable? No

Ada Wong once again appears as a non-playable character in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. During the “Memories of a Lost City” scenario, we’ll meet her again, sporting her Resident Evil 2 attire. The Darkside Chronicles connects Resident Evil 2 and Code: Veronica by appearing as a third act.

As this is a re-telling of Resident Evil 2, told as a flashback by Leon, we see Ada Wong making an appearance in various scenarios.

5. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City (2012)

Operation Racoon City Ada Wong Appearance
Image Courtesy: YouTuber Larry Bundy Jr

Playable? No. Only playable in Heroes mode

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is a non cannon storyline that puts us in the shoes of the Delta Force. We are sent to hide Umbrella’s involvement during the events of RE 2 and 3. Ada Wong appears again in Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City as a boss.

As such, you’ll come across Ada Wong while cornering Leon and Claire. You practically never kill her, as finishing the boss-fight will prompt her to run away. While she is not playable, Ada Wong’s appearance in this Resident Evil game is intense.

6. Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong

Playable? Yes

One of the first times we get to play Ada in a complete, full-blown manner is during the events of Resident Evil 6. We follow the footsteps of Ada Wong, who goes out to thwart her doppelganger.

Furthermore, she tries to put a stop on the US National Security Advisor/Neo-Umbrella member Simmons. Ada Wong’s sections of the game mostly revolve around using gadgets and playing in stealth.

Ada ditches her oriental dress and the red-dress from Resident Evil 2 and 4, donning a Red Shirt and black pants with boots. She is one of the four playable characters in the Resident Evil 6 campaign, giving context to why you find so many Ada doppelgangers in the sixth entry.

7. Resident Evil Re: Verse (2022)

Resident Evil Re: Verse Ada
Image Courtesy: YouTuber KendoGunSop Survival Horror

Playable? Yes

A spin-off to the entire series, Resident Evil Re: Verse is a 6-player Deathmatch game, where you play as iconic Resident Evil characters and go against each other. And, if it is iconic Resident Evil characters, it has to be Ada Wong.

Ada dons the bandaged up look from Resident Evil 2, and also has her Resident Evil 6 dress. There’s not much backdrop, since it is a Deathmatch game.

And these are all the Resident Evil games Ada Wong appears in. Each of these games offers a different experience. However, each will make you smile when you encounter the famous femme fatale. With the next Resident Evil game announced, I only hope she makes an appearance again.

One thing is for sure. Some of the best Resident Evil games already feature Ada Wong. That said, which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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