Let’s face it, setting reminders is one of the most annoying tasks ever. It’s useful, sure, but you either have to type in a lot of things, or say, “Hey google, remind me to bring my non-sleepy self to work tomorrow.” (That particular scenario applies to me, by the way).

I’ve tried countless reminder and to-do apps in the past, and for a long time I had been using Google Assistant to set them instead (it’s easier than typing), but even then, what if I wanted to create a reminder out of a product I saw on some obscure website? That involves a number of boring, time consuming steps. Time I could otherwise have spent more productively (read: ‘looking at memes, GIFs, and jokes’).

Then I came across Remindee, and so far I think this is my favourite way of setting reminders. Basically, anything that you can share on an Android device, Remindee can convert into a reminder.

Case in point: Just a couple of days back I was scrolling through my Google feed when I came across an article that piqued my interest. I didn’t really have the time to peruse it to my heart’s desire just then, so I just opened it, tapped on the share link, and created a reminder with Remindee. It’s that simple.

With my usual workflow, I would’ve opened the article, copied the URL, created a reminder, pasted the URL in the reminder and tapped ‘done.’

If you’re still not sold on at least giving the app a try (why aren’t you) let me sweeten the deal a bit. The app is completely free, and has no in-app purchases or advertisements at all. Sold yet?

Download Remindee from the Play Store (Free)