Reddit Rolls out New Voting Button Animations, Typing and Reading Indicators, & More

Reddit Rolls out New Animations for Voting Buttons, Typing and Reading Indicators, and More

After announcing to shut down its popular short-video platform Dubsmash late last month, Reddit has now rolled out a few visual updates on desktop, iOS, and Android today. The company has rolled out three new interactive features with the aim to make Reddit “look and feel lively and in the moment.” So, let’s take a quick at the new changes on Reddit in the following sections.

Reddit Rolls Out New Visual Changes

New Voting and Comment Count Animations

First is the addition of the new animations for the upvote and the downvote buttons on the platform. So now, when you upvote or downvote a post on Reddit, you will see a new animation and get haptic feedback. You can check out the GIF below to see the animation in action.

Other than adding interactive animations to the voting buttons, Reddit has also added them to the comments section. Hence, you will see similar comment count animations on feeds and posts as more comments are shared in real-time.

New Typing and Reading Indicators

Coming to the second change, Reddit has added new typing and reading indicators within posts shared on the platform. So, when five or more Redditors read your post, you will now see anonymous avatars along with the number of people reading the post in a pill-shaped UI at the top of the comment section.

Similarly, when two or more Redditors are typing a comment on any post, you will see anonymized avatars and user count in the comment segment on Reddit (as shown above).

New Comments Pill

Lastly, Reddit has rolled out a new pill-shaped comment-count UI for incoming comments when viewing a post. So, when you are viewing a post on Reddit, a new pill-shaped UI with anonymized avatars and the number of new comments will appear on top. You can check out the GIF below to see a preview of the new comment pill.

Check Out these Visual Changes on Reddit Right Now!

So, these are some of the new UI changes that Reddit rolled out for its users today. All of them are available across platforms like desktop, iOS, and Android. However, if you don’t see these changes on the Reddit app on your smartphone, try updating the app from the App Store or Play Store to get them right now.

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