Puppy.Pics website

‘Puppy.Pics’ is a Social Media App for Dog Lovers

Puppy.Pics website

The internet is filled with cute cat videos, but dog lovers need not despair, because there are enough pictures, videos and memes with adorable pooches to last a lifetime and more. So if you’re a dog’s best friend and always wondered if you could chat about everything related to your canine friend(s) with like-minded people, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an app for just that.

Simply called ‘Puppy.Pics‘, the social media app for dog-lovers allows users to upload pictures, stories and anecdotes about their canine best friends with the global community of dog lovers. The app also allows users to rate the pictures of other puppies on the platform and even offer them treats!

The app allows users to join and chat with the dog-lovers’ community around them. All you need to do is setup your dog’s profile using pictures, stories and other information about your beloved canine friend. Once that’s done, you can chat with new and old friends to share tips, ideas and advice about how best to take care of your pet. You can also share your experience via photos or videos through the app.

Puppy.Pics comes with Facebook authentication for users logging into the app with their Facebook account. You can also import media from Instagram, which means you can now upload all those cute pics of your canine best friend on the app without having to go search for them on your computer again.

So are you a dog-lover? If so, download the app on Android and start networking with other dog-loving hoomans in your neighborhood already, and let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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