Portronics ‘Biolock’ Smart Padlock With Fingerprint Unlock Launched for Rs. 1,899

Portronics Biolock website

Digital accessories and portable gadgets maker, Portronics, has launched a smart biometric padlock that can be unlocked using a fingerprint. Called ‘Biolock‘, the device can be used for various purposes, from locking doors to cabinets to storage lockers and bikes, etc. without requiring the installation of any new apps or a Bluetooth connection. It allows users to add up to 40 fingerprints, and the company claims that it takes the scanner only 0.5 seconds to unlock the device.

Equipped with an LED indicator, this smart lock is made of stainless steel with a rugged zinc alloy coating to provide excellent tamper resistance. It also comes with an IP66 rating, denoting water and dust resistance. It weighs only 59 grams and comes with a built-in rechargeable 100mAh battery that gets fully charged within 30 minutes and lasts up to 6 months on a single charge. It can be charged via USB with any 5V USB adapter, said the company.

The Portronics Biolock comes with a 12-month warranty and will be available from both online and offline stores. It is priced at Rs. 2,999 in India, but the company is offering it for Rs. 1,999 on its official web-store in the country, while it’s available on Amazon India for Rs. 1,899. It isn’t immediately clear, however, whether it is a launch offer or how long the company will retain the reduced pricing.

It is interesting to see digital technology percolating down to products like padlocks that have used for centuries without any real change to the underlying technology. However, now that digitization has started to change the way the world works, it will be interesting to see more such products going forward.

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  • lplfan says:

    I can hear the lock picking lawyer already.

  • Akshay says:

    But they still can be broken. 🙂

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