Pixel Phones Get Smarter Haptics with Adaptive Vibration Feature

Pixel Phones Get Smarter Haptics with Adaptive Vibration Feature
In Short
  • Adaptive Vibration feature is a new Google Pixel feature available on Android 15 Beta 2.
  • It adjusts your Pixel's vibration strength based on the surroundings using your phone's microphone and sensors.
  • You can enable Adaptive Vibration by going to Settings > Sound and Vibration > Vibration and Haptics > Adaptive Vibration.

Android 15 Beta 2 brings many features to Pixels and one of them is Adaptive Vibration. As the name suggests, it automatically adjusts your Pixel’s vibration strength based on your surroundings.

The feature may come in handy to help you avoid missing important calls and notifications due to your phone’s poor vibration strength. You can use Adaptive Vibration to make your device alert you with higher vibration intensity when in a noisy environment, or with a lower intensity in calm surroundings.

Adaptive Vibration uses your phone’s microphone and sensors to determine the sound levels and context. You can turn on Adaptive Vibration in Android 15 Beta 2 by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app and select Sound & vibration.
  2. Here, tap on Vibration & haptics.
How to access Adaptive Vibration Android 15
  1. On the next screen, tap on Adaptive Vibration.
  2. Now, turn on the Adaptive Vibration toggle to enable the feature.
How to turn on Adaptive Vibration on Android 15

The feature should be available on all Pixel phones running Android 15 Beta 2. What are your thoughts on the new Adaptive Vibration feature on Pixel phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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