Parasyte The Grey Ending Explained – Does Su-in and Heidi Win?

Set in the same universe as the popular manga franchise, Parasyte, the new K-Drama Parasyte: The Grey has finally arrived on Netflix. Despite boasting a similar theme, the six-episodic spooky series is a lot different than the original one. Unlike Parasyte, it isn’t set in Japan, instead, it comes with a South Korean setting and new characters. Since the beginning, Parasyte: The Grey features elements that can keep you on the edge of your seat. Well, in this article, I have discussed the events that take place in the concluding moments of the intriguing TV show.

Spoiler Warning This article includes spoilers for the ending of the new Netflix K-drama Parasyte: The Grey. So, proceed with caution.

What Happens to Su-in and Heidi?

Su-in from Parasyte: The Grey
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Won-Seok, who worked with Team Grey, emerged as the biggest supporter of the parasites in a secretive manner. Despite being a human, he sided with these monstrous creatures because of his greed. However, in the ending moments of Parasyte: The Grey Episode 6, we see the Pastor taking over his body after cutting off his head. That’s when Su-in appears and allows Heidi to take control of her body to tackle the parasited Won-Seok.

After some time, Choi Jun-Kyung shows up, pointing her shotgun toward Su-in without having a clue that a parasite is eyeing her from behind. Spotting the creature, Heidi in Su-in’s body decides to decapitate it and save the leader of Team Grey.

Fortunately, before shooting a bullet toward Su-in, Choi realizes that Won-Seok is a parasite, and he wants her to kill Su-in. So, Choi ends up shooting Won-Seok instead of Su-in. Before handing back the body’s control to Su-in, Heidi reveals to Choi how its human host has made her learn the process of trusting others even though not everyone she loves and trusts is worthy. The parasite also assures that it will not cause any harm to humans.

What Else Happens at the End of Parasyte: The Grey?

Here are other significant events that take place in Parasyte: The Grey’s finale episode.

Parasites Decide to Hunt the Mayor

Mayor from Parasyte: The Grey
Image Courtesy: Netflix

The finale episode of Parasyte: The Grey reveals that the main motive of the parasitic invasion on Earth wasn’t basically to eat the human brains of the individuals. In fact, it was to devour the brain of the human organization so that way they could rule over humanity. So, the parasite residing in Cheol-Min’s body makes a plan to hunt down the mayor during the massive music event.

However, Su-in and Kang-Woo can’t let that happen, so they go to the event, but this time, they are not the ones who want to defeat the parasites. Kyung-Hee, the latter’s elder sister, also tags along with them after getting betrayed by Cheol-Min’s parasite.

Kyung-Hee gets Killed

Kyung-Hee from Parasyte: The Grey
Image Courtesy: Netflix

In the penultimate episode, while traveling by bus, Kyung-Hee catches Cheol-Min killing their own kind, and that’s when she realizes what betrayal feels like. So, she approaches Su-in and joins her in the fight against Cheol-Min and Won-Seok. Initially, Kang-Woo doesn’t seem to agree with her plan, but eventually, he decides to tag along.

At the music event, Kang-Woo keeps an eye on the mayor while Su-in and Kyung-Hee try to hide from Choi. However, when Team Grey’s leader catches them, Su-in decides to distract her to buy time for Kyung-Hee.

As she fights Choi, we see Won-Seok helping the Pastor get closer to the Mayor. The creature instantly kills the Mayor’s security guards, but when it tries to attack the mayor, Kyung-Hee shows up. However, when she asks Kang-Woo to escape with the mayor, she gets shot by Won-Seok from behind. After that, she asks for forgiveness from Kang-Woo before getting killed by the parasite.

Su-in and Kan-Woo Return to their Normal Life

Kang-Woo and Su-In from Parasyte: The Grey
Image Courtesy: Netflix

After dealing with the parasites, Su-in continues working as a supermarket clerk. One day, while sitting outside the supermarket, she is approached by Kang-Woo. He reveals to her that Choi has appointed him as a member of Team Grey.

Kang-Woo also says that Heidi has left a letter for Su-in that he is going to read. After reading a bit of it to Su-in, he gets emotional, so he asks Su-in to read the remaining lines herself. Before leaving, Kang-Woo says that Choi wants Su-in to join the team as well.

Who is Shinichi in Parasyte: The Grey?

Shinichi from Parasyte: The Grey
Image Courtesy: Netflix

In the final moments, we see a journalist appearing at Team Grey’s HQ to meet Choi. The journalist says to Choi that his name is Shinichi, and the camera shifts its focus towards his hand. Well, for the unacquainted, Shinichi was the main protagonist of Parasyte: The Maxim, the manga/anime series.

Shinichi goes through the same journey as Su-in and becomes a mutant. His Parasyte, Migi, also helps Shinichi fight monsters. However, unlike Heidi, Migi can perfectly communicate with Shinichi in real life. Migi uses Shinichi’s right hand to blend with his body, allowing Shinichi to communicate with the parasite anytime he wants. That’s the reason why the concluding moments of the K-drama shift focus toward Shinichi’s hand.

Fans always knew that The Grey is canon to The Maxim, but no one ever imagined that Shinichi would make an appearance in the series. Choi reveals that Korea is the only country to form an organization to fight and study parasites.

So, maybe that’s why Team Grey caught the attention of Shinichi after he was done fighting the parasites in his country.

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