OUKITEL Brings Power Behemoths ABEARL P5000 & ABEARL P5000 Pro on Kickstarter

OUKITEL KickStarter Sale

The power generator industry is one that continues to grow. No matter who you are, you need electricity. So no matter if you’re looking for the best portable power stations or solar generators, there’s much on offer. OUKITEL, a company known for its expansive solar generators and rugged phones, has launched two of its newest power stations on Kickstarter. The OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro and ABEARL P5000 bring massive power capacity, enormous output, and more features in a portable design. Let’s unravel all the features in detail below.

OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 & 5000 Pro: Best Features

Both the portable power generators by OUKITEL come jam-packed with lots of interesting features that make them a perfect fit for anyone. Let’s discuss their best and brightest features.

Massive Storage Capacity Ensures No Downtime

It’s obvious that if you’re in the market for a portable power station, you want something that goes on and on. Buying a power solution only for it to die an hour later is annoying. Thankfully, OUKITEL has already kept that in mind. Both the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro and the ABEARL 5000 both come with a massive 5,120Wh battery capacity. This essentially allows them to power your entire home for 1 to 7 days.

Another hidden advantage of the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 models is the fact that you can charge up these stations when power prices are cheap. You can then use the machines to run your house off the grid and save on energy costs. If you’re someone in the market looking for a sustainable and long-term energy solution, rest assured you can rely on OUKITEL.

High Output with Split Phase Function

It’s not enough to have a big battery. A power station is useless if it cannot power all the appliances needed. The OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro comes with a big 4,000W AC power output. Without getting too technical, just know that it will let you practically run and charge almost anything, including electric stoves, induction cooktops, ovens, and a whole lot more.

What’s more, this power station works as a 1600W seamless UPS system with a sub-10ms switchover time. So if you have a gaming PC that you need to use off the grid, the ABEARL P5000 models are the perfect pick for you.

Split Phase OUKITEL

Adding to this is the 120V/240V Split Phase function of the ABEARL P5000 Pro that enables a single unit to deliver 120V and 240V outputs directly. Split Phase brings a new level of safety and lets users run all their high-load appliances safely. The ABEARL 5000, on the other hand, comes with a 2,200W AC power output to provide a good balance between demand and supply.

Speaking of output, the OUKITEL power station comes with 15 output ports, including five pure sine wave AC outlets and two 100W PD USB-C ports. No matter what your device is, the stations will intelligently detect and charge everything at their optimal speeds.

EV-Grade LiFePO4 Batteries & BMS

After all is said and done, each and every one of us requires batteries that are safe and stable. OUKITEL has paid attention to this aspect as well. The OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 series adopts EV-grade explosion-proof lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. If you know your stuff, you already know that these are the safest, most stable, and extremely reliable lithium batteries.

oukitel power anything

In fact, the company claims that the P5000 Pro home generators deliver 3,500 battery cycles and will retain their capacity even after 10 years. The OUKITEL power stations also come with battery management systems (BMS) to keep the stations as well as the connected devices safe.

Fast and Safe Recharging

Once you have used an OUKITEL power station, you will need to recharge it. To keep the downtime to a bare minimum, the ABEARL 5000 come with bi-directional inverter technology and can be charged at home or using an off-the-grid solar system. In fact, the speed is so fast that you can recharge the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro and P5000 in just 1.8 hours via dual charging (solar + AC Input).

Speaking of solar, clean energy users will be happy to know that the P5000 Pro has a 99% MMPT efficiency and can generate 30% more electricity than others. It is also compatible with MC4 connectors including OUKITEL’s own portable solar panels.

Suitcase Design Makes Power Portable

portable OUKITEL

The OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro and P5000 weigh around 53kgs and 52kgs respectively, but this might seem heavy to a user. Well, the company has already thought about this and offers home backup power generators with a suitcase-like design. The power stations come with two wheels and a suitcase-style handle to make it easy to move around the house or even take them camping.

Special Spring Pricing Makes the Deal Even Better

If you are someone who is sold on the idea of owning an OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 solar generator, you might be late to the party like I am. However, for us late bloomers, the company has unveiled a limited-period Spring Special price on Kickstarter.

suitcase design OUKITEL 5000

If you decide to take the leap and pledge right now, you can get the OUTKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro for just $3,099 which is a whopping 48% discount on its $5,999 original price. To get the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000, you need to pledge $2,299 to the Kickstarter campaign and save 54% on its retail price of $4,999. Planning to get your hands on one OUKITEL? Check out the Kickstarter link and buy one right now.

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