The New Opera Touch Mobile Browser Simplifies One-Handed Browsing, Brings Opera Flow Sync Feature

Opera Touch Simplifies One-Handed Browsing, Works With Opera Flow Sync

The New Opera Touch Mobile Browser Simplifies One-Handed Browsing, Brings Opera Flow Sync Feature

Opera is one of the most widely used mobile browsers, thanks to its neat interface and variety of versions of various devices. It also has added security features such as crypto mining prevention tool on its mobile and web clients.

Opera Software has now released a new app called Opera Touch, which focuses on providing a comfortable one-handed web browsing experience and also brings a handy feature called Opera Flow to sync the browsing data across different connected devices.

One-Touch Search

The Opera Touch mobile browser’s home screen is as clean but feature-packed. You get a search bar at the top and a multi-function Fast Action button on the bottom of the screen which hosts multiple quick commands. Tapping on the button will directly activate the search bar and bring up the keyboard, allowing users to quickly search their queries. Doing so will also simultaneously open two different buttons above the keyboard to let users scan a QR code or perform a voice-activated search.

One-handed Browsing

Pressing and holding the Fast Action button gives you circular navigation menu gives you further options for voice search, text search, and QR code scanner. Here you can also manage tabs, and sync pages to connected devices with Opera Flow. You will see the open tabs here as well.

It’s a great way to navigate without having to stretch your thumb to every corner of the screen.

Opera Flow

Opera Flow is also a good solution to the problem of having to navigate through multiple settings pages and dialog boxes to view your synced pages. Just scan a QR code on your PC and the page will open in Opera Touch, and vice-versa.

As soon as users add a page or site to ‘My Flow’ on the app, the PC client also gets the same page. Flow comes with end-to-end encryption, for that added assurance about security.

Opera Touch is now available on the Google Play Store for free, and will soon arrive on iOS devices.

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