oneplus 9 pro x hasselblad

Noida Thief Snatches Phone From Man; Returns It Because It’s Not OnePlus 9 Pro

oneplus 9 pro x hasselblad

If you live around the NCR region in India, then you might know that on-road burglary and item-snatching is, unfortunately, a common practice around Delhi and Noida. However, a first-of-its-kind incident took place in Noida recently. A thief first snatched a smartphone from an individual and then returned it because it was not the OnePlus 9 Pro!

The incident happened with a journalist named Debayan Roy (@DebayonRoy) near the Sector 52 metro station in Noida. Roy shared the story via a tweet and Twitterati’s were simply amused. You can check out the tweet right below.

Now, as it happened, Roy was messaging on his smartphone when a man with a black mask snatched the device out of his hands and made a run for it. The journalist, to retrieve his smartphone, instantly started running behind the man.

However, to Roy’s astonishment, he saw the thief running back towards him. After coming back to the victim, the thief said “Bhai mujhe laga OnePlus 9 pro model hai”. This, in English, translates to “Brother I thought it was the OnePlus 9 Pro model”. Then he dropped the phone to the ground and ran out of the scene.

So, in a surprising turn of events, the thief returned the smartphone to its owner because it was not the latest and greatest from OnePlus.

If you are wondering which device did the thief actually take and then returned, Roy revealed that he has been using the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This incident gained a ton of traction on Twitter. While some users simply laughed as it was too funny, others pointed out the fact that thieves now have higher standards. One user, however, pointed out the exact thought I had after reading about this by saying that all modern Android devices look similar to each other with their notches and punch-hole displays. And it is kinda true.

Moreover, I must say that Roy was lucky to be using an old Samsung flagship instead of the latest OnePlus 9 Pro. But if you are using a high-end device, you might not be lucky enough if something like this happens to you.

So, when you are in crowded public places around such regions in India, do remember to keep an eye on your pockets and in turn, keep your belongings safe.

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