CloudMagic was one of the most well known, and widely used email clients, both on Android devices, and the iPhone. However, recently, CloudMagic was renamed to Newton Mail, and the name isn’t the only thing that has changed in the new app. CloudMagic, which was previously free, now uses a subscription model that is priced at a hefty $49.99 a year, to allow users access to what they call “Superchargers”. These Superchargers include features like snoozing emails, undoing a sent email, getting read receipts, and more. However, there are many issues with this new Newton Mail pricing model.

Firstly, the price tag. At $49.99, Newton Mail is in no way a cheap (or even affordable) app for an email client. The features they offer are available free of cost in many other apps, and the biggest deal breaker of all, is that if a user does not want to use the “Superchargers”, they can’t use the app at all; not even as a simple, basic email client. Also, there have been reports that the app now embeds tracking beacons in every email that is sent. While this is common practice in order to track emails for read receipts, Newton Mail is embedding these beacons even when the user turns off Read Receipts, which is rather disturbing.

So, if you’re one of the many people that don’t want to use an email app that will cost you almost $50 annually, and could possibly be tracking all your emails, here are 7 Newton Mail or CloudMagic alternatives you can try:

NoteI sent an email to Newton Mail support asking if I could use the app as a basic email client once the trial ended, and they told me that it was not possible to use it as such. I’m writing the article from that perspective.

1. Gmail

The official Gmail app is by no means a poor email client. It is completely free, and the UI is decent. Since Google follows material design policies, even on their iOS apps, the Gmail app doesn’t come close to the neat, and minimal interface offered by CloudMagic, but that’s not to say that the UI is bad, per se.

newton mail alternatives

The app offers support for multiple accounts, along with a nice search bar that offers predictive suggestions as you type, making it easy to search for emails. Gmail also offers autocomplete features for email addresses when users are composing emails. All that packed into a nice package with a lot more features, the Gmail app is widely used, and very well received, both by Android, and iPhone users alike.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

2. TypeApp

TypeApp is another great email client and Newton Mail alternative that is available for both Android, and iOS devices. The app offers support for multiple accounts, along with a unified inbox, so you can see emails from all accounts in one place, making it easier to manage multiple accounts.

newton mail alternatives

Notifications in TypeApp are customizable, and can be adjusted for quiet hours, custom sounds, etc. The app automatically organizes emails in clusters, making it easier to see the important ones at a glance. Along with that, it supports a dark theme, rich text signatures, conversation views, snooze, quick filters, and much more.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

3. Alto (Android, iOS)

Alto is a great email app for both Android, and iOS devices. It supports multiple accounts, along with a unified inbox allowing users to manage all of their email accounts in one single inbox, when needed. The app supports Exchange accounts as well. Alto is full to the brim with great features, notable among which are snooze emails, set custom swipes, undo delete, add widgets etc.

newton mail alternatives

The app supports a dark theme, and can sync with a user’s calendar, as well as the cloud. For times when one needs to access their mail on the web, Alto comes with a great web interface, as well.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

4. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook by Microsoft is another email client that has been around for quite some time. The app supports multiple email accounts, along with a unified inbox that makes it easier to manage emails if you have a lot of different email IDs, like I do. Along with that, Outlook comes with a smart inbox that shows only the most important messages, so you can focus on the things that need your attention without getting distracted by random emails that you don’t need to read.

newton mail alternatives

Outlook supports swipe gestures, making it easier to mark emails as read, or archive them. The smart filters allow users to automatically sort emails into specific categories. Along with that, the app offers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint integrations, as well as a calendar to manage your events.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

5. Email Exchange+ By Mail Wise (Android)

Email Exchange+ is a great app from Mail Wise, that offers support for multiple accounts, including Exchange accounts. The swipe actions supported by the app allow users to get access to immediate actions for sorting out their inbox. The app also allows users to sort their emails by starred, or unread flags.

newton mail alternatives

The app doesn’t use any of its own servers, and directly connects your device to your email provider’s server, making it much more secure. The app is free, but users can unlock the Pro version of the app to gain access to features such as getting unique notifications per sender, creating “quiet time” to turn off notifications, except from VIPs, and marking contacts as VIPs.

Install on Android (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. Spark (iOS)

Spark is a great app for iOS, and is the one I’m currently using. The app offers a great interface, which looks very neatly organised, although not as minimal as the one that Newton Mail offers. It supports multiple email accounts, along with a unified inbox to make it easy to manage all the different accounts that a user has connected to the app. Spark automatically categorizes emails into different categories, making it much easier to batch process multiple emails.

newton mail alternatives

Along with that, the app offers quick replies that can be customized as needed, email pinning for important emails, and snooze capabilities to mark emails that you want to get back to later. The search function in the app is also very great, and can be used to search with using natural language. The app also allows integrations with services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Pocket, Evernote, etc.

Install on iOS (Free)

7. Email by Easilydo (iOS)

Email by Easilydo is an iOS-only app that offers support for multiple inboxes, along with a unified inbox to allow users to manage all of their email accounts in one place. Users can unsubscribe from mailing lists with a single tap, and get alerts for tracking any packages for orders that they might have placed.

newton mail alternatives

The app also offers advanced swipe features to easily manage emails, and mark them as read, archive them, or delete them. The app also offers the ability to track read receipts for emails, along with snoozing emails that users might want to get back to later.

Install on iOS (Free)

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Try Out These Newton Mail Alternatives

If you are one of the people who are annoyed by the way CloudMagic suddenly shifted to a subscription model, without any prior communication to the users, you should definitely try out these alternatives to Newton Mail. These alternatives are tried and tested email clients that a lot of people use and love, and they all offer features that are comparable to those offered by Newton Mail.

We would like to know your opinion about CloudMagic, Newton Mail, and the subscription model that they are now enforcing upon their users. Do you believe that $49.99 annually is a reasonable price for an email client? Also, if you know of any other great email client that you think deserves to be on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.