WhatsApp is without a doubt the most popular app today and it’s also arguably the best messaging app. The Facebook owned company has also made sure to not take its domination lightly. There have been numerous updates to the app and it now includes a ton of new features like calls, message formatting, end-to-end encryption and more. While WhatsApp packs in some great functionality natively, there are a few Android apps that make it even better.

Yes, you heard that right. We believe WhatsApp can be made even better when used with other third party Android apps. These apps might offer different utilities but they fill in the small holes one may find in WhatsApp. Without any further ado, these are 6 apps that make WhatsApp even better for you:

1. Siftr Magic Cleaner

Siftr Magic Cleaner, also popularly known as Magic cleaner for WhatsApp is like a garbage man for your smartphone. WhatsApp is the source of a lot of media coming into the device, most of which are meme pictures and funny videos from groups that you may not even want in the first place. Over a period of time, you may have noticed that a lot of your storage space is being covered up with these photos and videos that you have no use for.

Siftr Magic Cleaner

Siftr Magic Cleaner smartly sorts your photos and videos into useful and junk files (screenshots, memes etc.) based on what’s important to you and allows you to delete the junk files with just one tap. It’s a must have app if you are a part of a few groups and have a lot of photos coming into your device. This app will make sure you never run out of space because of unnecessary memes again.

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2. Notifly

Notify is an app that offers a more convenient way to receive notifications and reply to notifications than WhatsApp does. It opens up conversations in the form of bubbles or Facebook Messenger like chat heads and allows you to reply to messages without having to switch between apps.


It offers a very simplistic design and allows the user to have a conversation without it getting in the way of anything else. Apart from WhatsApp it also supports Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype, VK, Tango, KakoTalk, Twitter, GroupMe, Threema, textPlus, Textra, ChompSMS, QKSMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Plus Messenger, Gmail, and Inbox.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

3) Disa

Disa is a hub for all the chat services you use on your device. It provides a solo platform, where the messages from all your chat services like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. are aggregated into one place. If you have active conversations with the same person on multiple services you can simply merge it into one conversation using Disa.


It is incredibly efficient in merging and organizing messaging services and provides a good platform from where you can take care of all your conversations. On linking a service to Disa, the last 10 conversations are automatically loaded and you can add older conversations by simply adding a new conversation with specific contacts. For all the services it aggregate, the apps still manages to provide a clean interface.

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4. Lock For Whats Messenger

Shouldn’t be hard to guess what Lock For Whats Messenger does. It is an app locking service that will protect your WhatsApp privacy from snoopy eyes. It is one of the most reliable app lockers available in the Play Store and is sure to restrict any unwanted access to your private conversations.

lock for whastapp

Apart from WhatsApp, the app can also lock Gallery, Facebook, WeChat, Kik, Tango, Text, etc.. You simply have to set up a pattern or password when setting up the app, which will be used to access all locked apps in the future. To make things even secure you can hide this app’s icon so no one else can find it. It also has Camouflage lock that is meant to deceive unsuspecting eyes, no one will even know you have a lock set up this way. If you aren’t convinced, you can try out other app lockers for Android.

Install: (Free)

5. Emojidom

Yes, the stock emojis available on WhatsApp are not bad and may even seem enough for most users. But for those of you who need something extra, something bigger, graphic and customizable to share your emotions, Emojidom is for you.

Emoji Dom

It has more than 4,000 unique and funny HD smileys that can be sent on WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangouts, LINE, WeChat, etc.. You can also add your own images in place of emojis. To send a message, simply type it in Emojidom and add the desired emojis and images and then share it to WhatsApp. The message will be sent as an image, hence making the emojis even more graphic and messaging that much more fun.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

6. CropShop

CropShop is an absolute must have app for everyone who is still waiting for the day WhatsApp allows non-square pics to be put as profile pictures. This may be one of the biggest shortcomings of WhatsApp, similar to how it was on Instagram before they came to their senses and started allowing images of any size to be shared.


Well, till the time WhatsApp comes out with a solution for this, CropShop is our go to app to save the day. Using CropShop, you won’t have to crop your favorite photos just so you can fit them as profile picture on WhatsApp, instead, you can use this app to edit it and add a blurred background which will give it a square shape. You can also make basic edits and add some fancy filters to your photos before sharing them. Use this app, so you won’t have to chop your legs off the next time you want to make your selfie your DP.

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That wraps it up, these are the top 6 must-have Android apps for every WhatsApp user. Providing added security, cleaning out junk photos, organizing conversations, bubble replies, new emojis, un-cropped profile pictures; whatever you may have found missing on WhatsApp, can now be filled using any of these apps. Moreover, these apps should also enhance messaging apps other than WhatsApp. So, try them out and let us know how you like these apps in the comments section below.