Facebook introduced chat heads in Messenger a long time back and it remains our favorite feature from the messaging app. The prompt on the screen about new conversations, the option to read and reply to them from the pop-up, even when you are using another app brings a better user experience. If you love chat heads, you must have thought of getting it for rest of the communication apps in your smartphone, like WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype etc. The good news is, you can get chat heads for all your conversation apps.

The Android app Notifly lets you enable chat heads for most of the messaging and emailing apps in your smartphone. So, here is our guide to get started with Notifly and enable chat heads for various communication apps:.


How to get chat heads for Android apps with Notifly?

1. Firstly, download Notifly from the Google Play Store and install it. It works for Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

2. To get started, you need to give Notifly access to the notification content on the phone. For this, turn on the toggle in the Permissions screen (this will appear on launching the app). In the “Notifications Access” screen, enable check box for “Notifly” and Tap “OK” when asked to “Enable Notifly?


3. On the welcome screen of the app, you will find the list of all apps that are compatible with Notifly.


4. Now select the apps for which chat heads are to be enabled. You can enable or disable chat heads for an app by simply turning on or off the toggle beside them. You can then Tap on “Settings” to customize the chat head appearance, features, filter, and system.

Features that Notifly offers

  • Multiple Reply

Enabling this option will allow you to send more than one reply to a conversation through the chat heads.


Chat Head features: For messaging apps like Whatspp, Telegram, Messenger, you might see additional options in the chat head. For example, tapping the chat head will give you a conversation preview, options to close the chat head and open the app, or block the chat head of a particular contact. These options might differ from app to app.

messaging apps

Note: If you have blocked chat heads for specific contact, you can unblock it through Notifly settings. Select the app from Notifly, tap on “Settings” and under the “Filter” category, you can find the list of blocked conversations. Delete the contact name for which chat heads are to be unblocked. 

  • Appearance:

Color: By default, a color for the chat head is defined for every app. However, there are other color options available, but you have to upgrade to Notifly Plus (available as an in-app purchase of $1.16).

Theme: The light theme is enabled by default in the app and there’s an option to switch to the dark theme but again, the feature is available for Plus users.

Badge and Badge Color: You can choose to have a badge on the chat head that displays the number of unread messages. And if the badge is enabled, a color for it can be chosen.


  • System:

Screen On: If this option is enabled, it will turn the screen on if a chat head from Notifly appears.

Bid to notification: This option makes sure that the chats heads will disappear once the notifications are removed from the status bar.

Cancel notification: Through this option, there would only be Notifly notifications and no notifications in the status bar for the apps enabled.

Remove notification: If the Notifly chat head for an app is removed, the notification will be automatically removed from the status bar.


Note: For applications like Hangout, Inbox, you might see a watch icon in Notifly app. This implies that the device needs to be connected to Android Wear for the chat heads to appear. 


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Get chat heads for a better chatting experience

With Notifly offering Facebook like chat heads for almost all communication apps, reading and replying to messages and mails can be quite simple. The options to customize the chat heads are impressive and they can do a lot to sort out notifications. Give it a a try and let us know if you are enjoying the chat heads with Notifly.