Minecraft 1.22 Features Wishlist: 5 Things Mojang Should Add Next

In Short
  • The main feature Mojang needs to add after the Minecraft 1.21 update is the much-requested End dimension overhaul.
  • Moreover, the inventory management issues are getting out of hand, and the Overworld biomes could use more love.
  • Mob animations and AI should be upgraded too, while bringing more variations for popular blocks and mobs in Minecraft.

The new Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials update has impressed us all. It not only brings the handy new crafter block to automate crafting but also adds trial chambers to deliver new combat challengers in this copper structure. However, as the new 1.21 update is now available, we cannot help but wonder what’s next for Minecraft 1.22. With many ideas in my head, I decided to sit down and create a nice wishlist of the things Mojang needs in the Minecraft 1.22 update. With that, let’s begin!

1. End Update in Minecraft 1.22?

Minecraft needs End overhaul update after 1.21, as shown with this Better End mod showcase image
Image Courtesy: curseforge/BetterEnd

This is the first and most common request and most Minecraft players will instantly agree with me on this. The End dimension is among the most uncompleted features, and it requires an update ASAP in Minecraft 1.22.

This is the end game area, so it’s only appropriate that it’s exciting and filled with features, mobs, and biomes. Minecraft 1.16 released in June 2020 and transformed the Nether into a complete and cohesive dimension with dangers and rewards. The End dimension needs its own Nether-like 1.16 update, and 1.22 may just be that.

Honestly, anything would be a welcome addition to this dimension, but my main suggestions would be similar to what Mojang did in the Nether update. So, focus on the entire dimension, create a theme for it, and give every biome in this dimension its unique character, mobs, and blocks.

Furthermore, perhaps include one or two more structures like the new trial chambers or last year’s trail ruins, which will contain useful rewards.

2. Inventory Improvements

Inventory has been a talking point in the Minecraft community for a while, and brand-new updates simply add fuel to the fire by introducing more blocks and items. We do want more items and blocks with each new update, but the inventory management problem only grows and should be fixed first.

So, the feature Mojang needs to fix with the Minecraft 1.22 update should be the inventory, making it more manageable. It should be easy to navigate and sort items. We have compiled some ideas that can help Mojang improve Minecraft’s inventory issues. Be sure to check out my suggestions and let me know your thoughts on the same!

3. Overworld Biome Updates

Forest biome from the Biomes O' Plenty mod
Image Courtesy: curseforge/Biomes O’ Plenty

Since the Nether biomes are brilliant as present and the End dimension needs a complete overhaul, that only leaves the Overworld dimension. For those unaware, the Overworld is the main dimension and the place most players call home. There is a total of 53 Overworld Minecraft biomes and lots of them are well-executed, aesthetically pleasing, and truly fit the game’s vibe.

Many biomes haven’t been touched in a long time and feel outdated and bland. Some of those include the desert, plains, forest biomes, taiga, savanna, mushroom island, and others.

Thankfully, solutions here are fairly simple, like a new terrain feature, such as boulders, additional blocks, and lots of ambient features. Birch forest overhaul was supposed to arrive in the Minecraft 1.19 update, though it was canceled.

Birch forest overhaul concept art
Birch forest concept art image provided by Minecraft.

The concept art simply included more tree variations, fallen logs, new mushrooms, pre-made paths, and lots of new foliage. If each biome added a little something here and there in Minecraft 1.22, that would make the entire Overworld feel much more alive.

4. Mob AI & Animations Update

If you’ve ever tried transporting Minecraft mobs from one location to another then you know it can be a real pain. The mobs either get stuck on a block, stop following you because you’ve gone too far away, or simply cannot keep up.

Another feature Minecraft should improve after the 1.21 update is mobs and their AI. While fixing the mob AI might present a significant challenge, it would be one of the greatest quality-of-life features Mojang can implement.

Minecraft needs better mob AI and animations after 1.21 update, similar to those from the Fresh Animations mod
Image Courtesy: curseforge/Fresh Animations

Apart from the AI, most mobs, especially the old ones, lack unique and cool animations. That’s why there are Minecraft mods that try to improve them.

Mojang did start implementing fresh new animations to mobs in the recent updates, like the camels and sniffers. However, the older mobs are left behind, lacking the same level of detail. They deserve some love too and their own upgraded animations in coming updates.

This change may affect how players see Minecraft as a whole, but despite that, I believe it would be appreciated by most people.

5. More Block and Mob Variations

In addition to smarter mobs, most blocks and mobs in Minecraft could use a visual refresh. So, instead of designing brand-new mobs and blocks in Minecraft 1.22, it would likely be easier to introduce new variations for existing mobs.

This is already the case for blocks like regular dirt, stone, and sand, which are mostly achieved by rotating one texture. But what if blocks such as planks and other stone types offered coarse and smooth variations that they would randomly select when placed in the world?

Cows from the More Mob Variants mod
Image Courtesy: curseforge/More Mob Variants

These changes wouldn’t drastically alter the game but would allow you to effectively create visually appealing house builds and add a touch of realism to them. This would especially be great when it comes to crops and leaves as they would just have a much more defined character.

On the other hand, mobs would greatly benefit from this improvement, as most of them currently have one texture. More mob skins, like the new dog variants and horses, would also bring much more character to the world and make it more realistic.

That said, those are my suggestions on features Mojang should focus on after the 1.21 update. There are lots of other great suggestions Minecraft community members have come up with, but these are necessary and simple fixes for huge problems.

So, what do you think about my ideas for the Minecraft update? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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