Microsoft Bing and Copilot Are Down Right Now!

Microsoft Bing and Copilot down

Did you get hit with the “It’s not you, it’s us” error message upon visiting Microsoft Bing? Well, you’re not the only one, and several users worldwide have been affected by this. Furthermore, the tech giant’s Copilot AI is also down and hitting users with the “We’re sorry but we’re unable to connect to the service at this time,” error message. DuckDuckGo, Microsoft’s search partner is also down.

Bing down

From the looks of it, Microsoft’s Bing API is currently suffering from a serious outage. That, in turn, is directly affecting services that use it. While server outages are not uncommon, it has already been two hours since the reports started flooding in. Recently, ChatGPT was hit by an outage too, as users took to X to report it. However, upon checking it right now, it has been working for us.

Going by DownDetector’s outage reports, it peaked at 12:30 PM IST with 174 users reporting the issue. We checked the status and Bing and Copilot are still down for us.

Many users took to X to report the issue.

We are yet to hear of an official statement from Microsoft. While Microsoft 365’s official X handle did post about users not being able to access Copilot, I’m guessing it doesn’t address the AI assistant or Bing search being down too. Anyway, this does suggest that even Microsoft 365’s Copilot integration is not working.


After almost 7 hours, Bing search is back online, but the Copilot assistant is still down. However, that’s only if you’re accessing Copilot from the side panel on Windows 11. When you visit Copilot through Microsoft Edge, it’s working fine. DuckDuckGo is back online too!

However, in all honesty, this has been a pretty long outage for Microsoft. Moreover, a lot of users are still not able to access any of these Bing API-based services. X users are showing no mercy either, and are relentlessly taking a dig at the tech giant.

At this point, people have integrated services like Copilot in their daily lives and this outage surely did disrupt their daily schedule. The services have now been restored, and well, this will definitely go down as one of the biggest outages in history, for sure.

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